Top 10 Interior Design Hacks For Your Home

Thanks to the magic of the internet, homemakers can now search clever hacks for their houses online where thousands of ideas abound. Just a quick visit to your Reddit boards can give you easy DIY tips that will make your humble abode a cozier and more functional space to live in.

But if you’re looking for a more curated collection of the best interior design tricks that are both inexpensive and require minimal effort, look no further. From adding mirrors to visuals that complement your interior spaces to improving your room’s ambience through color and lighting, here are the top ten home design tips you can do for your home’s much-needed makeover.

  1. Lighten up your rooms
More light means more perceived space!

Say you’ve just moved into a new one-bedroom condo unit where you want to maximize your living space. You’d want to put in as much light as you can inside to make the room look bigger than its actual dimensions. Paint walls with light hues and hang wide mirrors to reflect more light and create the optical illusion of space. Bear in mind that dark colors make rooms look smaller regardless of how many mirrors you hang on your walls.

  1. Mix it up
Mix up your decorations!

Some homeowners have a certain style in mind when it comes to interior design. In the case of smaller spaces, you’d want to mix up your house design ideas to emphasize your personality. When it comes to designing your space, your personality actually plays an important part. Don’t be afraid to integrate the old with the new as long as their color schemes match. Your modern living room desk can get a boost from old antiques or even the vintage decors you scored at a garage sale. Make sure that all the ornaments you put in the room are clean and dust-free, and when put together tells your story. Hang some of your favorite art with your contemporary wallpaper as a backdrop, but make sure that your frames match the fabric. Variety is the spice of life and you’d always want your place to be full of it.

  1. Give your space an identity
    Just as how you change clothes to go for a certain look, so should you change how your furniture should appear. With slipcovers, you can channel your furniture’s energy according to the seasons or events you hold at your place. Slip covers that exude sophistication when hosting a party, or go for something warm during the summer. Another advantage of slipcovers is that you don’t have to worry about unwanted stains on your coffee table or couch.
  2. Store Items in wicker baskets
You can even use wicker baskets in other areas in your home!

Most homemakers get headaches because of the lack of storage space inside the house. Wicker baskets are your best solution for hiding unsightly clutter in that they are both elegant and economical. Stack your baskets atop kitchen cupboards but make sure that your colors mix and match. Wicker baskets that have soft gray or driftwood finish go well with most traditional furniture.

  1. Turn trash into treasure
    If you have previously stored some items in boxes that you haven’t visited in a while, bring them out and you may just find some old things that will go well with your new place. Every home comes alive with the accessories it’s designed with and old wooden decors, acrylic, or metals that are restorable can still be put to good use in your new abode. Search online for good restoration hacks that can transform your old plates into art, or old books into decorative wallpaper. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so make sure you have fully utilized an item’s value before you throw it away.
  2. Hang a pot rack in the kitchen
Make your home look more inviting by using pot racks!

Let’s head on over to your kitchen where the atmosphere should both be inviting and warm. Make use of a hanging pot rack to keep one of the most important places in the house clutter-free while giving the room a feel of elegance. Your kitchen is going to be one of the busiest places in your house and a hanging pot rack will tell your guests that you have no qualms about being serious in the kitchen, plus it gives you more storage for your kitchenware.

  1. Go with some green
You’ll never go wrong with green!

Nothing makes a room more relaxing than an ample shade of green. Plants both improve your living room’s aesthetics and the air you breathe. As we’ve learned in primary school, plants absorb pollutants and give off oxygen. So who wouldn’t want that in their home, right? Use greens to accentuate the textures and colors of rather dull spaces and avoid using plastic ones. The objective of designing your home is to add more life. Fake plants may just exude a feeling of boredom instead.

  1. Give your walls personality
    If you Google ‘cheap interior design ideas in Manila’, you might come across some online vendors who sell quality wallpaper. Nowadays, there is a gamut of styles and textures you can choose from via the internet without breaking the bank. Giving your rooms an instant burst of color by using wallpapers can also give them their own unique characteristics. You can also apply wallpaper in your bookshelves to give them a contemporary feel or let your TV wall pop out of the living room with a rustic stone-style design. Choose your wallpapers wisely and make sure they are of A-grade quality. Some wallpapers absorb moisture from walls during the rainy season and you wouldn’t want air bubbles creating an eyesore in the living room.
  2. Accentuate with area rugs
Give your living room more personality by using rugs!

Area rugs bring out a room’s unique trait with its texture, color, and warmth. These home accents will look good on hardwood floors and are easier to clean than full carpets. Go with a blend of varying patterns that will further emphasize the ambience you’re looking for. Bring out warmer tones for cold seasons and lighter fabrics during the summer. Cotton area rugs are washable and easy to maintain and there are a wide array of patterns you could choose from in the market that will match your rooms perfectly.

  1. Add color and texture to your bathroom
    Having a small bathroom has its own advantages. It’s easier to clean and easier to decorate. Don’t limit your small area with whites and grays and explore more color palettes. Use bright and bolder hues, and design your bathroom walls with some eyecatching patterns and geometric shapes. Install smaller fixtures that will scale the room properly rather than overwhelm it with a beautiful yet unevenly large sink. Lastly, decorate the room with a small but stylish stool that you can hide underneath the sink as this can also add more surface help when you need it.

Done With Your Build? Let’s Get Designing Next
If you want to transform your place into a potential dream home, we at IEO Studio Inc. can make it happen. Expect us to use nothing but the best interior design techniques to spruce up your house. Schedule a free interior design consultation to know more.

Done With Your Build? Let’s Get Designing Next

If you want to transform your place into a potential dream home, we at IEO Inc. can make it happen. Expect us to use nothing but the best interior design techniques to spruce up your house.

Schedule a free interior design consultation to know more.