5 Interior Design Tips That Will Keep Your Home Organized and Attractive

When we think of interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is a perfectly curated home similar to the ones we see on those fancy glossy magazines. They’re pretty and clean, almost to the point that they don’t seem very realistic to live on. This is one of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced or first-time homeowners fall into whenever they think of home design or condo interior design. So many of us obsess on making everything look well-curated that practicality, especially when it comes to organization, gets pushed into the back burner.

Your house design ideas, however, should consider more than just the aesthetic. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t really need to sacrifice your taste in design to achieve an organized home. As long as you follow the right techniques like the ones below, you can easily hit the sweet spot between the two.

But first, let’s straighten out some myths about interior design and organization:

Clean is different from being organized
A lot of us have the misconception that to be organized means you have to hide away everything. Having empty kitchen counters does not always equate to this definition, however, since the concept of organization considers other factors like practicality, space, and usability of a certain part of your home. For example, if you’re always using your pots and pans, it is not ideal to store them in cabinets where you’ll have to struggle every time you need them. In this case, keeping them in view and just organizing them using wall hooks will be a better decision instead.

To put it simply, no mess is not always the exact equivalent of being organized. To be organized means your home design is optimized to be practical for your lifestyle.

“Organization” is for small homes only
If you’ve ever considered diving into a condo interior design project, chances are you’ve read about how organizing is key to making it successful. Every square foot is valued premium, after all, so you’ll have to be smart and creative in maximizing your space.

Organizing is not just for small homes!

However, designing for the sake of keeping everything organized shouldn’t be limited to smaller-sized abodes only. In fact, they are just as important for larger-sized homes where the extra space can invite more clutter. Not being limited in floor area makes us laxer in organizing and keeping things tidy, so some organizing techniques can also come in handy in these situations.

Interior design tips for organizing your home:

  1. Organize, store, label
    A strategy is very important when it comes to organizing your home. The first step is to decide which things should go where followed by buying the right types of containers or organizing tools for them. Clear boxes are great for storing odds and ends while a simple window bar and customized curtains for small corners can turn unusable space into an extra storage corner. For your kitchen, buy pretty clear glasses and bottles for your essentials and don’t forget to label them. Nobody really wants to put apple cider vinegar when they really want oil for whatever it is they’re cooking!
  2. Consider color
Color plays a role in every home!
Color plays a role in every home!

Color plays a major role in tying a home design together. What many don’t realize, however, is how helpful it can also be when it comes to organizing things. For example, if you’re not iffy about getting your book categories getting a little mixed up, you can arrange your books by color, or at least by hue. Same goes for grouping your condiments or spices in your pantry. Considering the hue can add harmony in an otherwise messy situation.

  1. Play with containers
    Dumping things on a cabinet or a drawer doesn’t automatically make things organized. Cords and wires getting tangled on cabinets can be a nightmare and nuts and bolts just scattered on smaller drawers are just as bad as leaving them scattered on the floor. To keep things REALLY tidy, play with organizing containers that can bring order to your storage areas. Small, clear ones are great for the really small knick-knacks—even ice trays can do the job!
  2. Go tall
    Here’s a common condo interior design trick you can utilize if you’re short on space. Instead of working with the width, go with tall storage or organization tools instead. Use stylish metal racks for your scarves and belts or drill some hooks on unused corners for your coats. Not only will this trick help maximize the space you have, but it will also give your home the illusion of bigger space because the eye is drawn on the length instead.
  3. Be practical with your closet
    At some point, all of us have dreamt of having a fashionable walk-in closet with all our bags and shoes sitting on their own pretty little thrones. In real life though, having a big enough storage area is almost impossible, especially if you’re the type who has the habit of storing something-years old pieces that you will never ever use again.

Try using clothes racks to organize your wardrobe!

When organizing your closet, group your clothes according to use and put them on separate baskets or containers (if your space can still afford it). Is this for work? For casual days? For formal events? You’ll save yourself a lot of time rummaging through your piles if you know which goes where. Haven’t worn anything for years? Put them at the bottom, or better yet, just donate them to free up some room. You can also use hangers with multiple slots so you can hang your pants and slacks without overcrowding your space. Believe us, once you’ve managed to organize your closet, you’re pretty much set for the rest of your house.

Organizing your home can be a total headache, especially if you want to keep your abode as aesthetic as possible. If you’re at a loss of how and where to start, you can always reach out to professionals to do the work for you instead. There’s a lot of cheap interior design experts in Manila you can easily tap for the project—just make sure that you will take the time considering the best candidate before making your final decision.

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