Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

Similar to fashion, interior design trends come and go with the times. 2018 was all about making a statement—with marble and rose gold tones as common choices—but with the turning of the year came new motifs for home design. Fresh approaches have inspired new staples, like Mari Kondo’s infamous Konmari method and the ever so growing appreciation for an eco-friendly way of living. Thinking of house design ideas for your space? We listed the freshest themes you can try below.

Au Naturel
While polished looks remain to be on trend this year, 2019 sees a rise in the popularity of earthen and rustic themes. Think of monochrome tones of brown and moss green with accents leaning on less perfect materials like natural wood, granite, and pebbles. Interior plants are more in demand too, and we’re not talking about small potted succulents here. This year is all about big, bold plants like wide-leaved ferns and rubber trees.

Adding natural elements will add more color and life to your home!

This design trend, called biophilia, aims to lend a more natural feel to the home by mimicking signals that are often found in nature. If you’re feeling a little restricted with ideas for your condo interior design because of the square area, you can opt to inject some pops of nature-inspired colors into your space instead. Green and teal are a big hit this year, so you can buy home accents like vases and pillowcases in these colors.

Statement Pieces
While the Konmari method has inspired many of us to ditch all those things that don’t ‘inspire happiness’ anymore, it hasn’t entirely dampened this year’s trend of using statement pieces for interior design. The key is to go for eye-catching pieces, like chairs and tables, and foregoing clutter. Instead of buying tabletop accents, for example, go for chairs with interesting shapes instead. Not only do they add more interest into your home, but you also lessen the need to fill spaces with small pieces that are only there for design.

Statement pieces for originality.

The same goes for appliances. The kitchen, for example, is a tricky place to furnish because you can easily go from boring to overkill, but you can easily solve this design dilemma by going for colorful appliances instead. Buy an oven in a bright red color or switch your old plain induction cooker with a double stove in emerald green. Just make sure to balance the palette by keeping your walls neutral to prevent your kitchen from looking like an art disaster.

Classic Black
The color black has always been tricky in the context of interior design. It can make your home look drab, gloomy, and even smaller when not utilized well, but it can also be the perfect hue that can add a dash of sophistication into your space when utilized well.

Black is back!

Black is currently so popular this year that even plumbing companies are expanding their lines of fixtures in this color to match the demand for it. Black walls are also very much on trend since they provide a classic backdrop to anything and everything. Admittedly, this can be a little tricky to execute in condo interior design if space is limited, but that doesn’t mean you need to entirely skip it. In such cases, you can add smaller black accents, like installing a matte black faucet in your kitchen or painting your ceiling with this color instead. Just don’t forget to balance the color with neutral tones to balance everything out.

Soft Edges

Soft edges communicates comfort.

Gone are the days of boxy, angular furniture. This year, pieces with soft, rounded edges reminiscent of the 70s and 80s are taking the interior design world by storm. The priority is comfort mixed with elegance, something which is also evident in the choice of fabric as well. Rich textiles like velvet are more popular than ever thanks to their depth and texture. Worried that it might make your home look old-fashioned? The trick is to choose pieces in the right color. Red can look suffocating but velvet in trendier colors like millennial pink or periwinkle can definitely make for a conversational piece of furniture.

Statement Ceilings

Add a bit more flair to your ceiling.

The ceiling is not something that is always prioritized when it comes to interior design. Most of us just fix an interesting piece up there, like a lamp or chandelier, and do nothing more. This year sees this part of the home get extra love, however, as bold colors and interesting lighting take the spotlight. Painting your ceiling with solid colors or using patterned wallpapers are great if you want to follow a more minimalist approach for the rest of the house, but if this is too bold for your taste, you can also focus on statement lighting instead. Interior design experts, in particular, recommend vintage modern decors inspired by stylistic elements from Italian and French themes. Go for those with interesting sculptural shapes to add a pop of interest into your space.

Wallpaper Galore
For many years, interior design trends preferred wall accents over the traditional wallpaper. This year is bound to change that as wallpapers in interesting, bold accents return to the limelight. Experts recommend eye-catching patterns like geometric shapes in bold colors or landscape greenery. Scared that it might overwhelm your space? You can always go and have your main wall wallpapered instead of slapping the rest of your home with it. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, however, you can even up the ante by playing with textures as well. Pair your wallpapers with rugged materials like granite to add a little more interest into your walls.

Emphasize your walls with wallpapers!

Playing with interior design is always interesting, but it can also be costly if you don’t know the right tricks to execute it or find the best sources to get your essentials. Even simple tricks can help you stay on budget. Can’t afford the maintenance of indoor plants? You can still insert some feel-good green in your home by switching them with accents in nature-inspired patterns. Don’t like using wallpaper? If you’re in it for the long run, go for paint instead. Better yet, go look for cheap interior design Manila experts who can do the sourcing and execution for you. The best ones will not only help you save money but will also relieve you of the headache of doing everything on your own.

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