Nicole Andersson’s New Home Interior Design Is A Slice Of Tropical Haven In The City

Vlogger, influencer, and fashion maven Nicole Andersson no doubt has great taste, but when it came to redesigning her two-bedroom apartment, she had the same wish as everyone living in a busy city has⁠—have a piece of the outdoors inside her own home so that she doesn’t feel that she’s living in a box.

That is the reason why the moment you step into the entranceway of her refurbished home, you immediately feel like you’ve walked into a tropical paradise. Nicole curated and transformed her space into her personal oasis. Here’s how:

The Living Room

This is one of her favorite places to hang out and for good reason⁠—despite having limited space, Nicole’s apartment features its very own gallery wall curated with pieces that she had acquired from her travels around the world and locally. Three-dimensional pieces were also added into the wall for additional texture.

“A lot of the pieces are supposed to be easily moved around and multi-functional because I have a smaller space” Nicole shares. Her television, for example, can be effortlessly adjusted using a rig so that she can swing it to face the dining room, living room, and the kitchen. Her furniture⁠—a lot of which were hand-me-downs from her grandmother and mother!⁠—can also be easily assembled and moved for when she has her friends over or needs extra space to exercise.

One part of the living room was covered with an eye-catching tropical print wallpaper to keep up with the interior design theme of the place. Nicole complemented this with a variety of plants including a rubber tree to add a serene but interesting look to her space.

The Dining Area

For the dining area, Nicole decided to go with marble and gold. “I didn’t want to be so stiff. I wanted the aesthetic of my apartment to reflect who I am, and I don’t really take myself seriously.”

To make the space pop, we decided to add customized seats in green and gray to tie the color to the living room and the entranceway. Nicole, on the other hand, added a fun Tic-Tac-Toe centerpiece that can double as play pieces for when she has friends over.

The Master’s Bedroom

The apartment’s main relaxation pod of course follows through on the overall tropical theme of the place. For her room, Nicole wanted to focus on comfort while utilizing the limited space as much as possible. To achieve this, she had a custom-made expansive bed take up most of the room’s area. Gold accents on the headboard, room furnishings, and smaller bedside pieces added some glow into the area.

Additional tip from Nicole: if you have limited square feet in your room, make sure to invest in space-saving storage installations. To maximize her room, she had three deep, pull-out drawers installed under her bed to keep things like bedsheets, scarves, etc!

The Walk-in Closet

Nicole actually opted to use the bigger room in her house as her walk-in closet. As a fashion influencer, her primary concern is how to keep all her pieces organized without making her space look cluttered. To solve this, IEO decided to install high shelves and a space-saving rack where she can keep some of her best pieces on display and in order. Boxes that can be easily slipped into the shelves are also utilized so she can keep everything that is not always in use tidy and organized.

A neutral palette of whites, golds, and browns are applied into the room to amp up the chic look of the closet. Having ample space for fittings and trying out of various outfits was also prioritized in the design.

So what do a top vlogger and influencer like Nicole⁠—who has a top-notch aesthetic game, by the way⁠—think about redesigning her apartment? “Everything just came together perfectly! Anyone who has ever tried redesigning knows how much work it takes. IEO Designs made the renovation for my apartment such a breeze and they made everything so easy that I didn’t have to deal with supplier issues. I was able to focus on my work and my life.”

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