9 Signs Your Home Is Begging for a Makeover

Getting a house makeover is a big step for every homeowner. It takes time and effort so it’s understandable that many try to skip it for as long as they can. However, there will always come a day when you realize that you can no longer ignore it, whether it be because of your space no longer functioning for you or due to a change in your interior design tastes.

Here are nine signs that clearly says it is time to get that home makeover done:

When your paint starts chipping

Or when your wallpaper gets faded, at the very least. Paint can especially chip if it’s not properly primed and cleaned during application so this is one part of the house that you need to maintain and refresh now and then. Unfortunately, many homeowners often choose to postpone this for as long as they can because it takes a lot of work, but your outdated walls can also be the reason why your overall interior home design looks so drab. No matter how many gorgeous pieces of furniture you buy to give your space a new spin, they simply will look out of place if they are put against an outdated backdrop. On the other hand, even a simple repainting job can give your abode a new look even if you keep all your pieces the same.

When your floors start to have problems

Detached tiles or termite-infested flooring are always sure signs that you need to get work done in your home. Unlike walls that you can live with if the only problem is chipping or fading, destroyed flooring is something that you need to urgently act on because they can also be safety hazards. For jobs like this, it’s best to have professional contractors and interior designers to get them done.

When your interior lighting just doesn’t look right anymore
Low-quality light bulbs don’t last for long and can also eat up your electric bill. Moreover, you know that your home lighting needs a change of tune if you’re no longer satisfied with the interior illumination it gives you. Maybe it’s time to retire that big grand chandelier and change it into some modern table lamps that can give your home a more updated look. Even mood lights can give your home an instant facelift.

When you can no longer move properly
Do you feel like you’re having back problems because your bathroom sink is placed too low? Maybe you need to do some acrobatics just to finish cooking a meal in your overcrowded kitchen? It’s quite normal to feel uncomfortable with your space in the long run because our lifestyles change over the years, but who really wants to feel like this in their own home? If you feel like your home is no longer functioning well for you, then that is a sure sign that you need to get an interior designer on speed dial, stat.

When your home looks too crowded or too vacant

Have you ever come home and thought, “Something feels quite off here?” If your home feels too spacious or overcrowded, then you need to rethink your space and see where you can update things. Having too much furniture may require you to do some Marie Kondo-ing, but you may need the advice of professionals if you need to add some new pieces in your home.

When your home looks outdated
Admit it, we’ve all fallen for an interior design trend at one point in our lives. The problem with them, unfortunately, is that they usually require constant changing, unless you are okay living in a time capsule that is out of touch with the current times. Our tip: it’s best to go for timeless themes that won’t easily get dated in a few years. If you don’t know which look to go for, get professionals to guide you.

When you can’t use some areas of your home anymore
Do you have an extra room that you’re just using as a storage area? If there are places in your home that are stagnant but you believe can be put to better use, then it’s time for a big redesign or re-organization of your space. Remember that square feet is at a high premium and it will be better if you can utilize every bit of your abode.

When your home looks mismatched

It’s natural for us to collect home pieces here and there over time. What we don’t want, however, is our space looking like different sections of a museum in the long run! Unless you are going for a quirky vibe, having too many visual interior home elements can be a headache. The quick fix is to reorganize your things so there is a sense of cohesiveness still despite having different elements. If you really want to change it up, however, you may need to ditch some pieces to bring your home back to its old glory.

When you no longer feel comfortable
The number one rule when it comes to arranging your space is that you should feel comfortable in it. Regardless of how old or new your pieces are, they should be there to help you relax and support your lifestyle habits. If you feel like your couch is no longer working for you or if your television is placed too low, then it’s definitely time to make some tweaks here and there. Remember that your home should support you—you don’t need to be the one adjusting to it.

Remodeling or refurbishing your space takes a lot of work, but it is something that gives you long-term returns. If you really want to get value for your money, it’s best to go to professionals like IEO Designs who can make the job so much easier for you.

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