2023 Feng Shui Colors To Draw Wealth And Abundance

Originating in China, Feng Shui exuded worldwide and enhanced to better people’s knowledge on how to attain positive energy flow or “chi”. Incorporating Feng Shui can be tricky most especially when a structure is to be modified but in general, it is as easy as playing around with certain colours and rearranging a few elements in your space.

Colours profoundly affect your behavior and energy levels and it’s one’s pertinent to choose shades based on certain preferences. Each represents a different type of energy or “qi” that powers every living being.

There are Five types of energies in Feng Shui: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each of which is presented by a colour. So how do we comprehensively harness the benefits of these based on individuals?

The five lucky colours allied with prosperity and wealth are Red, Blue, Purple, Green and Black. Each has a specific meaning and the simplest way to incorporate them is to add them as décor pieces rather than altering the entire theme of your house, which by the way is quite an argument.

How to incorporate?

Add a little splash of Purple shade within your furniture, table or even inside your cabinets and drawers if you want to keep things in moderate. However, if you are willing to go full on this, it’s recommended that you use your Living Room Southeast wall and have it in Royal Purple.

In general Feng Shui, Blue symbolizes water. The water element generates auspicious “yang” energy which is described as loud, active, fast moving, visible, energetic and brightly lit like the Sun. Evidently, represented by angles and straight lines. This element is particularly important in homes. Blue is associated well with career and wealth, making it ideal for work spaces.


Known for representing new beginnings and fertility. Green attracts economic wealth. Associated with wood element that signifies growth. From muted to vivid, this color has a wide variety of shades to compel the balance of your home’s energy level. Easiest colour to work around by means of houseplants, themed wallpapers or paintings/ artworks reflecting nature.

Red shows significant character, strong and striking. May be dominating for most, but with proper play, it forms accord to your home’s colour palette. Simple details will do such as decors like artworks, sculptures or figurines and pillows.

Black has the most commanding presence, so it should be dealt with careful judgment. Best and safest is to start small and simple by having minimal touches of black. If the sole objective is to attract wealth, round objects are most effective and on point.

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