Small is Good: 7 Interior Design Hacks To Make Your Condo Look Bigger

Tiny houses have been all the rage lately, but let’s face it: they can be quite daunting to arrange for utility and aesthetics. If you’re someone who has ever lived in one (or plan to move to one) you probably realize that every square footage is as important as gold—you have to be smart about how to use every inch of your quaint home.

Fortunately, there are easy interior hacks that you can apply to maximize your limited space—and make it look good as well! Read on below for a list of these tips to use on your next condo renovation.

Trick it with colors

No, you don’t need to apply the minimalist look if that’s not your style, but it helps if you can follow a tonal theme for your space. This will help make your home look more centered which then visually opens up the area. The key here is to help minimize visual clutter. A maximum of four and a minimum of three tones will work, with monochrome palettes being a good choice. You can keep your walls neutral and use the color treatment on your pieces and other supporting room fixtures.

Height is might

One of the common misconceptions about home decorating small spaces is to veer away from big pieces of furniture. While this holds to some extent, it can actually be quite helpful to go for ceiling to floor pieces if you want the illusion of a bigger space. Bookshelves are a great idea as well as decorated storage spaces. Not only will this create the look of a more expansive area, but it can also help you keep and store clutter easily. Think about it: every horizontal square foot in your home is at a premium so you have to maximize your vertical space instead!

Flash those legs

Of your furniture, we mean. When designing a small space, remember that your aim is to create, or in this case, fake openness so choosing the right pieces is key. Streamlined furniture like tables and chairs with sleek legs lets light flow easily through them so you open up the lower part of your space visually. If you can, steer clear of chunky and boxy sofas to create that light and airy illusion.

Reflect it to fake it

The Evil Queen sure is onto something by hanging that magical mirror on her wall. Mirrors are your best friend when it comes to decorating your small condo space because they reflect light and other parts of the room, opening them up more to the eyes. For full effect, consider the size and placement of your mirrors for extra impact. Place a longer mirror adjacent to the wall or a round one in your bedroom to make the space look much more lively and spacious.

Skip the curtains

Long, stuffy curtains add to visual clutter in the room and also block the eyes from easily taking in the view outside. The same goes for heavy drapes. If you want privacy, it’s best to stick with shutters or sleeker cloth blinds to make everything more streamlined.

If you’re really set on using curtains, however, then install a curtain bar that is longer than your window frame so that you can fully expose the view outside of your window to let the light in during the morning. Also, try to keep your curtains’ length just slightly longer than your window sill. Drapes that are almost grazing the floor can chop off the illusion of a bigger room.

Portion it off
Think of choosing your pieces as going on a good diet. Overly large furniture will defeat the purpose of trying to make a room look bigger while using only small pieces can make it seem too bare. The key is to strike the perfect middle between the two and make use of negative space well. One trick you can do is to use carpets or wall designs to keep spaces from looking too vacant. When choosing these extras, however, it’s best to go with tonal colors and simpler designs to keep everything look less busy.

Keep it light

If you’re following through, then you probably know by now that going for a look of “airiness” is the better option to pull off a bigger space. Keep away from dark and solid colors when painting your walls because they can visually close off a space. They also absorb light which makes an area look smaller than it actually is. Instead, opt for neutral and lighter tints that are more reflective and create the illusion of openness.

Home decorating a small space to make it look bigger is easy if you renovate everything with the main goal of visual illusion and utility. With the help of these interior hacks, you can easily turn a cramped area into your own little piece of aesthetic haven! Of course, you also have the option to tap professionals to do it for you if you want. Feel free to contact us!

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