Condominium Interior Design — 6 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Condo

Are you planning on renovating your condo as you want to give it a modern refresh?

While your ideas are endless and full of potential, the space in your condo has limitations on what you can do with your property. When it comes to home renovation, you don’t want to come across surprises, which can throw your project’s schedule and budget off track. If you want to renovate the interior design of your condo, given below are a list of things you should take into consideration:

Learn your condo rules
Before you can make changes to the interior, you need to get in touch with the condo board. Why? They may have guidelines you need to follow when it comes to selecting the materials and making alterations in your house.

For example, you may have to use a specific elevator and bring in the materials for the renovation within a fixed timetable. Find out if you need to obtain approval from them before revamping your property. Think about it, you get an interior designer to start working on the renovation. However, when the contractors reach your condo, the association informs you that you don’t have permission to get the project going. Do you really want to be in this position?

When you get in touch with the condo board, make sure you inform them about the timeline of the project. Make sure you add two months as a buffer, in case of unexpected delays in completing the home renovation.

Never forget bonds and drawings

You need to pay the construction bond to the building admin revamping your condo. After completing the payment, you have to fill out an application form, with details when the project will finish and the range of work.

If you plan on making considerable changes to the interior design, such as floor replacement, plumbing work, installing cabinets, or demolishing walls, you need to provide paperwork. You must submit engineering and architectural drawings with official seals from the authorized parties for these types of changes. The admin office will review these documents, before approving them. If you don’t want to spend time on these tasks, hiring a professional interior designer can make these processes faster and easier.

Why renovate?
Once you get the all-clear signal from the condo board, the next step is to understand why you want to revamp your home. Is it because you want to freshen up your living space or increase the rental/resale value? The reason you need to know the purpose of the renovation is that it helps you make essential choices on what you should do with your property.

If you want to increase the resale/rental value, then you don’t have to go for a complete home renovation. Updating the flooring, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and cleaning the walls are excellent ways to increase the selling price of your property. If it is to redesign your whole space, you may have to vacate the household for a specific time.

Changing bathroom fixtures? Just don’t

When you want to revamp the interior of your bathroom, you may think about changing the bathroom fixtures. As you may have to change the entire plumbing, you will need a huge budget, as this venture is going to be expensive.

What is a better option if you can’t move your fixtures? Focus on the interior design of the bathroom, as it allows you to add modern touches to this space. Why not add a glass panel to the shower area and make it look contemporary? Go the extra mile and install an elegant vanity unit and let it become the central piece in your bathroom!

By using similar home renovation tips, you can transform this space into one which is beautiful to your eyes, every time you step inside.

Go wild with storage

While condos focus on style, comfort, and panache, they compromise on storage. Make sure you increase the space for storing your household items. Interior designers can provide you with innovative solutions for storage.

Walk-in closets and spacious pantries are great ways to add storage while adding value to your property. Surprise everyone who visits your condo by showing them how much storage space you have, to keep everything you need.

Tear – No; Build – Yes

When you saw embellishments in your friend’s door frames and walls, you wanted to get something similar in your condo. There are so many reasons for you to feel excited as you now have the opportunity to add them to your home renovation project. So, how do you go about with this stunning revamp? Remove the existing door frames and install moldings?

If the door frames in your condo are metal, this is going to be quite the task. Is there any other way you can get the moldings you want and add it to the condo interior? Well, if you layer over existing door frames with molding, you won’t have to tear them down. Instead, you will now have deep moldings that look spectacular! You’re definitely going to step back and admire the beauty of these elements.

Once you start working on building moldings on top of the door frames, you won’t be able to stop yourself from adding it to other parts of your household.

With these interior design tips, you can transform your space into the house of your dreams. If you want to make sure the home renovation project is fun, minus all the hassles, contact IEO today. Why should you stress out, when you can have a first-class experience revamping your condo?

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