8 Ways Covid-19 Pandemic Will Drive Changes in the Interior Design Trends

2020, has invariably been the year of big changes. The world as we know all our life is changing, and fast. The pandemic caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) is making us redefine our new normal–wearing masks, frequent sanitizing, and work from homes are becoming part of our routine lifestyle. It has become a part of the wellness kit. During this time, the time of quarantine, your home has been the only refuge–a safe haven. Needless to say in the coming months and years, the way you decide on the interior design of your home is going to be greatly impacted by the aftermath of the pandemic. We have curated 8 ways by which this pandemic is going to change the interior design trends.

Art of doing nothing
Niksen is a unique Dutch community lifestyle which means doing nothing. And, the recent quarantine situation has led many of you to adapt it, unknowingly. Even before the pandemic strike, the benefits of adopting niksen had been doing rounds, especially in the corporate world. Now that you have had a taste of it during the lockdown, it would not be a surprise, if you want to create a corner in your house which is equipped for doing nothing. A corner in your balcony or patio with cream-colored walls and a comfortable sitting couch or a chair where you can just sit and have a cup of coffee, staring out without a thought in mind. Sounds like heaven, right? This space is your private sanctuary, where you can recoil in, whenever you need to de-stress or just have some me-time, doing nothing.

Becoming technology-friendly

Technology has swiftly made its way in our home and routine lives. In a not so far future, there will hardly be a home that is not technology-friendly. Smart homes that are controlled by voice-activated assistants are already in trend but they will soon see a surge in usage as it reduces the need to touch lights, switches, buttons, doors, etc. With the coronavirus preventive measures, all of us have become wary of touching surfaces that are being used by everyone, having a technologically smart home the need for touching surfaces could be considerably reduced. Having voice-controlled devices is a boon for single people as well as elderly, as it aids in managing household chores without any human interference.

Balancing the workspace with the living space

For the last few months, most of you have been working from home. You have been juggling and trying to find a balance with work and home. And with the schools starting educating from work, the work meetings and school teacher meetings have been difficult to manage. It is why it’s important now, more than ever, to have a workstation as well as separate study rooms for your kids. Having separate corners will enable everyone to focus on their respective jobs. It will ensure privacy and probably create much needed virtual separation between work and home. It is why it’s important to have a separate decor for your workstation, even if it’s just a corner and not a whole dedicated room. Create your professional persona complete with chair, desk, table accessories, lights, and some plants.

Ensuring privacy
As noted above, we have started combining activities at home, and so new solutions are required to be incorporated. For instance, having a soundproof cabin-like room is a great place to have video calls or meetings. It would not only provide privacy but also provide you with an environment similar to your office to help focus and boost productivity. Moreover, having been quarantined for months, you have probably become sensitive towards the privacy of kids and adults, especially in large families. A lot of families would be considering a change in their home layout scheme, opting for closed theme rooms rather than large open spaces where every room is combined in just one big space. Most of you would be thinking of having closed kitchens so that household chores can be done without disturbing other members. While some of you would be thinking of the future, of creating separate space with facilities, in case, someone in the family catches the virus and needs to be quarantined.

Bringing more greenery inside the home

Being cooped up in a flat during quarantine, most of you would want to have a terrace or balcony garden. A home garden will become the norm. Taking care of plants is not only therapeutic but also improves air quality inside your home. No doubt, vertical gardens and indoor gardens will see a considerable boom in the interior design trends.

Including new spaces for the new normal
Hygiene and wellness are going to be a top-most priority. Home sanitization and home hygiene would see an accelerated interest in bringing more and more changes to the home decor. With e-commerce companies testing drone-delivery for contactless home delivery, having a dedicated space for package delivery can be a new change that drives the post-pandemic world home decor. There might be a need for a storage space where the delivery can happen and stay there untouched and stored until needed for use.

Creating a wholesome, healthier niche inside
Continuing from above, there would be a need for healthier spaces in the home. For example, smart bathrooms that are common in Japan would soon be seen everywhere in the world, in every house. The need to incorporate air purifiers or auto-cleaning technologies inside furniture like wardrobes, cabinets would be in demand. Do not be surprised if you start seeing UV lamps to kill bacteria and lamps incorporated in home interiors.

Embracing ‘less is more’ and the local community

During the national curfew, you have most probably come to realize that it is possible to manage to live on shopping once every 10-15 days. That you can live with fewer resources than you have become used to with the easy availability. The quarantine days have made us a more sensitive community towards each other as well as towards nature and the environment. And hopefully, this will become a part of our new normal. Maybe with the international trade facing the logistics crisis, local craftsmen will get the necessary boost. In the coming days, you might see an increase in the use of accessories and decorations items inspired by the local craftsman.

When all is said and done, let’s hope that once this pandemic crisis is over, we all come out as a healthier and happier person.

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