7 Creative Tips for Newlyweds on Decorating Their First Home Together

First of all, congratulations on the nuptials. Marriage is a start to a whole new chapter of life. Now its time to take the ultimate plunge—moving in together as a married couple. As newlyweds, making changes to the interior and decorating your first home can be exciting as well as a little daunting. You are not two individuals anymore, and as a new couple, it is important to have an interior that suits and exudes both of your personalities and tastes. Making changes or packing/unpacking your old things or decorating your new home can be taxing emotionally, physically and financially. To help ease the stress, we have put together a list of 7 tips below. So, cling on to that excitement of converting a house into your first home and read on.

Agree on a budget
As newlyweds, with the recent marriage and honeymoon expenses, splurging without a plan or budget would not be a great way to start your life together. One way to start is to agree on a budget to get a place that suits both of your likings and style. Maybe you can go all-in with one room of your home and do small bits in the rest. You can always add more decor items and personal touch, later. Also, consider going through both of your old items together to see if you can salvage a few things. to use it while decorating your new home. Bringing in some old memories could also help you stay in touch with yourself. Whatever you decide on, stick to the budget as planned.

Get to know each other and work as a team

It is important to know each other’s likes and dislikes while deciding on the interior. Take this as an opportunity to know and understand better as a couple and plan for your new home. This could essentially help you with setting the budget (as discussed above) for your first home. You can maybe consider each other’s hobby and create individual spots for yourself which each of you can decorate as per your liking. Consider taking into account how your partner likes to spend their evenings—do they like to watch TV? If so, then maybe they want a couch where they can sprawl comfortably on? If your partner loves cooking, then maybe think about getting appliances that aid them with cooking their favorite cuisine. Knowing and taking care of these small things would help you decide on which things to buy that are important and necessary.

Decide on the style and color palette

Knowing and mutually deciding on the style of the interior and color palette of your home can make choosing and shopping for the decor items really easy. In fact, the heart and soul of your home would be greatly influenced by the color palette you choose. Remember, your home would not just be a reflection of you as an individual but both of you, as a couple.

While considering color palette you can choose from the themes that you love or maybe use the colors of your wedding theme as inspiration. There are a number of things you can put together on the table and get a solid color theme for your interior.

Shop together
Shopping is, without a doubt, the most fun part of decorating your home. Both of you must go together to look at decor items and accessories. This experience could be a great bonding exercise for you. Moreover, you, as newlyweds, will understand more about each other’s tastes, likes, dislikes, and style.

Make it a point to have a give-and-take relationship, at all times
Whenever discussions happen there are bound to be arguments and clashes. While it is okay if you agree to disagree. Learning to compromise and resolving issues carefully and with tenderness would build a strong foundation. For instance, you might want a piece of decor in your bedroom, but he would insist on keeping it in the living room. Try to reach a consensus. Maybe he can have his theme in the bedroom for the art-piece you want. Also, compromise is also a great way of bringing two completely opposite tastes together creating something remarkably unique.

A corner for you two

It is easy to get caught in the hustle of planning and getting things done as per schedule. Even so, do not forget to create a space or a corner dedicated just for the two of you. Maybe a coffee table with the photographs of your wedding or probably a wall dedicated to the memories already created and more to come. You can probably dedicate a wall or create a timeline of your marriage life on the stairway landing. You do not want to lose the good memories and display them in your home.

Consider taking professional help
Although the idea of decorating your new house as a couple seems fun and exciting, it is an intricate process that requires technical knowledge and can go horribly wrong if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, you must consult a professional that is an expert at creating interior decoration solutions, which are in harmony with your tastes and preferences.

In all of this, do not forget to have and know that building a home together as a couple might take and patience. Take it as another opportunity to build memories of your married life. Wishing you a happy married life, ahead.

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