Give Your Home a Happiness Makeover with These 10 Wonderful Tips!

Amidst the global coronavirus epidemic crisis, staying at home and maintaining social distance has become paramount towards curbing the spread of this disease. However, maintaining a positive state of mind within the confines of your home can prove to be a hard feat to achieve. Research conducted by leading architecture firms like RESI shows how residents in prime cities like London feel stressed and unhappy within their homes, and how interior design is responsible in this aspect. Improving your home’s interior design can, therefore, prove to be a factor incentivizing self-isolation.

Light is essential to a happy home

The last thing you would want in your house is the feeling of gloom and darkness. Investing in mirrors that are placed adjacent to windows will help reflect abundant sunlight during the day. Designing your night-lights to be at eye-level, by installing sideboards with lamps, low-hanging overheads, and salt lamps is an ingenious way of dealing with the feeling of evening dreariness.

What is trending? Pink and gold accents

Color psychology is very important to how you feel inside your room. Therefore, choosing the right colors for your walls is vital to the ambiance your house creates. To provide your home with a happy vibrancy, using the golden color is an excellent choice. To boost feelings of nurturance and optimism, pink accents are crucial to your room’s color portfolio.

Diffusers and candles create an alluring aroma
Candles and diffusers are brilliant luxury elements that provide your house with a sense of comfort and elegance. Special recommendations include citrusy scents that are known to be uplifting, and jasmine or lavender, which allow you to relax and unwind.

Storage is essential to a comfortable household

Clutter is one of the foremost causes of stress in a home and one of the prime reasons that many people are not happy while being solely constrained to their apartments. Therefore, it is important that you invest in smart storage, reorganize your shelves, lofts, and plan your kitchens cleverly.

Spend your time gardening
Who said that you couldn’t raise plants while confined to your house? There are plenty of houseplants that you could raise inside your home, and it would also provide your place of living with a sense of life. You can choose to raise from a vast range of houseplants that are not only aesthetic but also very easy to grow indoors.

Invest in a luxury sofa

Investing in a comfortable, warm and squishy luxurious sofa would prove to be the most relaxing modification you make to your house’s interiors. Putting up your feet and lounging with your favorite glass of beverage sure seems like the most ideal thing to do during a period of self-isolation.

Comfortable sleep is subject to a comfortable bed

The worst thing that can happen during a period of self-isolation is not getting enough sleep. Along with daily existence being monotonous, the lack of adequate sleep can render any person irritable and grumpy. Therefore, it is pertinent that you invest in quality mattresses, luxurious bed linens, and a comfortable bed to guarantee a sound sleep at night. Mornings are the best when you have had enough rest.

Focal points in your home should be statement pieces

To overcome prosaic design elements, focusing on statement pieces that serve as focal points can provide any home with an interesting personality. This statement piece can be anything starting from a marvelous graffiti on the wall, an art piece, a splendid piece of furniture or an exotic item that you discovered during your travels. Creating such focal points will allow you to not become bored of your surroundings and always find beauty in an otherwise familiar setting.

Something that truly makes you happy

Despite all the design intricacies, a house is not a home, unless and until it incorporates something that unique and personal to your tastes. A happy home is a home that reflects you in its essence and has the potential to make you smile every time you walk into it. This happiness can be a result of a sentimental item or something that quirky and resonates with your sense of humor.

Never shun sentimental items
Your memories are your most precious assets and making space for such items of sentimental value is intrinsic to creating a happy living space. Including holiday pictures, your son’s graduation photo, the picture of your wedding, your coin collection, or stamp collection, your favorite armchair, etc. within your home’s interior design should be on the top of your priority list.

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