The Benefits of Hiring A Home Renovation Expert

Thanks to the ever-expanding pool of free tutorial videos and how-to articles across the internet, many of us have resorted to DIY when dealing with projects for which we’d normally hire a professional. From skill-building activities like learning to bake for profit or leisure, to the more urgent tasks of home repair and woodwork for personal use, there’s usually at least one online source that gives you the lowdown on how to do things by yourself.

DIY projects may seem practical and enjoyable, as they can save you money while allowing you some venue for crafting, but not all home emergencies are worth pulling off a DIY for. Home renovation and remodeling are specific cases wherein hiring a professional should be your first (and frankly, only) choice.

While you may be right when you say you know your house like the back of your hand, you probably don’t know enough about the nitty-gritty of what’s beyond its painted walls. The following are some of the benefits to hiring a home renovation expert.

  1. Hiring an expert is the safer and more practical option.
    There are several people with a natural flair for detail and design who may find the task of home remodeling or renovation a challenge worth taking. However, the unglamorous aspects of the project simply cannot be learned overnight. These aspects are foundational, so they usually have a significant effect on the outcome of a renovation project. If left unaddressed, they can ultimately cause more damage.
Hiring a home renovation expert is bound to reap more benefits.

These include plumbing and electrical work, which can be easily overlooked by the untrained eye. DIY plumbing and electrical work can often lead to leaks and even cause fires, if you are not careful. It’s possible to learn how to safely administer repairs on such aspects of the home, it’s best to leave it to the hands of those who do this for a living to avoid unknowingly compromising the integrity and safety of your own home.

  1. It’s also cost-efficient.
    It is a great misconception that hiring a home improvement expert would cost a hefty fee. While it’s true that the budget will depend on how much work your home demands, it often isn’t the case.
You can cut costs when you consult an expert for your home renovation needs—and that's just one of the benefits.

In fact, a team of specialists can eliminate several unforeseen expenses that you risk having to pay for when you choose to take the DIY route. It always helps to think of professional help and consultation as investment.

If you’re working on a tight budget, know that there is no shame in giving your hired team a viable number and let them work around it. Better yet, get things done in installments and prioritize the parts of the house that you deem most urgent, setting aside the rest for when you get the necessary budget.

  1. Doing so saves you a lot more time…
    Getting on top of a home interior design project is a full-time job—from costing and sourcing, to the actual construction. If you were to do everything yourself (or even with the help of some friends), it would be hard to imagine having time for anything else. The time spent in renovation may swell up due to rookie mistakes you may risk committing.
For sure, a home renovation isn't the only thing you'd want on your plate, so better call a professional to help you out. Having more time is a mighty benefit from having a team to work with you.

Hiring a professional is the best way to go about your home design project, especially if you have other things on your plate. Instead of keeping tabs on everyone involved or worrying about every detail that goes into the project, you can rest easy knowing that a specialist is giving your property their full, undivided attention.

  1. …which makes it less stressful on your end.

With the lack of knowledge and firsthand experience, a DIY home makeover is bound to be more stressful than it is rewarding. Without proper consultation, do you even know the right place to look for materials? The most credible how-to guide that rookies like yourself would understand? Yes, there are numerous horror stories about DIY attempts gone wrong—don’t let yourself be next.

One of the perks of hiring an expert is that you instantly gain access to their network of suppliers and partners—the better and more experienced the team you hire, the more reliable the sources they have.

See what we have to offer

If you really want to be more hands-on about your home renovation project, you can opt for a team of specialists that is willing to collaborate with you. We at IEO understand just how important it is to make sure our clients’ personal touch comes through in every project.

Take this project on for size: The Benitez townhouse is a 200sqm townhouse based in San Juan. Carrying a modern contemporary concept, the client sought out to make the unit more gender-neutral to cater to varying preferences. Designed to be snug yet still luxurious, the townhouse offers a home to every type of family.

To liven up the living area, IEO has modernized the ceiling by adding a canal that lends depth and character. The same goes with the dining room: A ceiling canal was also added in place of a worn-out drop and cove lighting to give the space a lift. Space and lighting are key aspects to a kitchen, so we incorporated a kitchen island to allow more storage space and modified the ceiling for illumination, providing more lighting and character to the area.

The bedrooms—a master and two regulars—were made gender-neutral, with maximized storage space and added focal elements such as headboard cladding in wallpaper finish. For the master bedroom’s balcony, the client opted to have a mini pocket garden and a vertical garden, with a coffee table for two in order to make the space functional.

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If you want to transform your place into a potential dream home, we at IEO Inc. can make it happen. Expect us to use nothing but the best interior design techniques to spruce up your house.

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