6 Tips From IEO to Get That Modern Classical Interior Look

It’s very easy to get confused when thinking of Modern Classic as an interior design theme. The aesthetic, after all, is created by two opposing concepts that directly clash with each other. Instead of visualizing it as an oxymoron, however, it is more fitting to think of a classical modern design as a wonderful combination of both—taking the best points from each to create something perfect for the modern times. This style is specifically made for those who love the romance of older design themes (think Neo-Victorian or Art Deco) but prefer the simplicity and lasting elegance of more modern styles. In this article, we will talk about the nuances that make this design theme such a favorite for interiors, plus tips on how to pull it off for your home.

Classical Modern Interiors in a Nutshell

This interior design is all about providing good contrast among its elements while sticking to a simple and clean overall look. It’s not quite minimalist that there is a scarcity of features in the overall layout, rather, it smartly uses accessorizing and creating contrasting themes to create interest within a space. As such, details play a very big role in pulling off this design, from the choice of color palette down to the materials you will use. Read on below to learn how to execute this perfect balance.

  1. Your palette means everything.

Your choice of interior design color can make or break your modern classical theme. Popular color shades that are used for this look are neutrals like white, black, brown, and beige, but those who want to be a little more playful with their execution can go for brighter tones like cobalt blue or rust. The idea, when using your choice of palette, is to create a nice contrast with it. Modern Classic is all about creating a well-curated but clean layout, so the lighter tones usually dominate the interiors. For example, you can paint your walls a classic white but add a little pop of interest to your space by choosing furniture in jewel-toned hues.

  1. Classic meets new.

From its name, the modern classical interior design is all about the right merging of design points from both eras. For this, finding harmony in contrast is everything. Let’s say you’re trying to design an average-sized living room. Painting your walls a neutral white can make your space bigger but you can add some jazz to it by designing it with textured wallpaper of the same hue or adding a wainscoted design to it. To keep the space from looking too boring or dated, however, you can stick to more interesting pieces of furniture like a couch in a classic chesterfield style in modern material like leather.

  1. Use the right textures.

Again, the details are everything. Rugs and carpets are an easy way to add texture to a room and classical modern designs usually have materials like sisal, hides, and Berber as favorites. Not a fan of floor covers? A table runner can do the trick. You can also add texture to the overall look of a space by using different materials when accessorizing. For example, a modern lamp with gold detailing will look good in a room with mostly classic furniture.

  1. Take risks with patterns.

But do it subtly. Again, rugs and carpets are an easy way to add a little bit of modern playfulness to your space so don’t be afraid to go for that geometric or zebra-patterned carpet you’ve been eyeing. If you’re planning to go more elaborate with patterns, however, make sure to keep the proper balance by leaving the rest of your space classic and clean in design.

  1. Merge the right elements together.

The marriage of two contrasting elements is essential, if not a requirement if you’re going for a modern classical theme. Not only is it a subtle way of unifying the look together, but it can also help a lot in keeping you from ending up with a garish-looking design, something that is very common for this style if you don’t execute it well. The idea is to choose the right elements to put together in a specific piece, for example, a classic tufted headboard can look more modern when finished with smooth leather instead of the usual velvet. Are you going for a full marbled look in your kitchen? Have your kitchen island in a sleek, black glass finish instead to break off the uniform look.

  1. Shapes and lines are important.

Modern and classical themes have very distinct styles when it comes to shapes and lines and it is up to you to choose which ones can work together. Say you’re planning to make your walls have the classic paneled design, what you can do to balance everything out is to create contrast by using furniture in more modern styles. Couches in sleek rounded shapes or curvy patterns are great to make everything more pleasing to the eye.

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