IEO Tips for Planning Your Room Design Based on Age Group

Designing bedrooms for other members of your family can be a daunting task. If they hail from different generations, they will likely require very varied things for daily life. To fuel your inspiration, here’s a quick guide on how to plan a room design based on age group.

Is Planning a Room Design Based on Age Group Important?

Why is age important when planning your bedroom design? Throughout an entire house, the bedroom should be the most personal. It must reflect the owner’s lifestyle and personality, from design elements down to furniture and other materials for practical use.

Especially when you have children or elderly living with you, you need to be more sensitive to their needs. Make sure that you are able to design their bedrooms in a manner that is convenient to them.

Is planning a room design based on age group important?

Room Design Based on Age Group: Tips from IEO

Using one of our latest projects, a three-storey home in Quezon City, as a visual reference, here are some pointers from IEO that you can apply.

In this particular bedroom design for girls, IEO chose to add a teepee inside the space for our client’s daughter to play with alongside her toys.

When designing a room for little girls, the key is to focus on play. Kids love to play, so you should add an element of fun into your child’s bedroom. In this particular bedroom design for girls, IEO chose to add a teepee inside the space for our client’s daughter to play with alongside her toys.

You can also incorporate different patterns and textures when planning a home interior design that kids will appreciate. These elements lend a fun atmosphere to the room. For example, this bedroom design for a girl has incorporated a fun wallpaper and fluffy rugs that create a well-balanced, playful look.

As your kid grows old, she will likely accumulate a large supply of toys, school materials, and others. If decluttering so soon won’t be a viable option, opt for adding ample storage space to make it easy for you to clean up after them. Our bedroom design for this girl made use of a lot of drawers and shelves to do the trick.

If you live with a senior citizen, you should be extra cautious when planning a room design for their age group.

If you live with a senior citizen, you should be extra cautious of the home interior design you select for her. It is likely that she has poor eyesight, so make sure to incorporate a lot of natural light in the room to help her vision. This room design for old age made use of tall windows and lamps to help the client’s grandmother pace around the space with more ease.

You should also avoid cramping the room with bulky, loud-toned furniture that may obstruct their walking path or distract them. As an alternative, invest in minimalist pieces that double as practical materials. Opt for pieces that can hold their essentials. This room design for old age by IEO is spacious enough to accommodate older adults that carry walking sticks or even those that require a wheelchair.

Most importantly, invest in anti-slip flooring to keep your elderly safe. This room design for old age also has a sensible rug to avoid any accidents.

Of course, when planning the master bedroom design, you should opt for elements that bring you relaxation and peace. Choosing a subtle color palette can create a mood of comfort. For reference, this master bedroom design by IEO features neutral colors that make the overall vibe toned down and restful. Avoid clutter as much as possible. Give yourself ample space to move around.

Of course, it’s important that your bedroom reflects your lifestyle and personality. Your bedroom should be your personal oasis, so keep this in mind when designing. Consider setting up a private nook where you can think, journal, or read. In our master bedroom design, we made sure our client can enjoy quiet moments in the nice little window side setup by the corner. This can also be an area for quick work or study, for when you don’t want to leave your bedroom.

Make Family Life Easier With Room Designs Based on Age Group
Having age-appropriate bedroom designs will make life simply more convenient for all beloved members of your household. Follow these easy tips for room designs based on age groups, and you’ll surely come up with ones that they will appreciate.

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