How to Make a Large Family Room Feel Cozy, According To IEO

Designing the home interior of a large family room can pose an equally larger challenge compared to decorating a smaller space. You need to strategize how to utilize all the space you have available without the home looking too empty.

In this article, let IEO help you plan how to do this by maximizing your space for your family’s use.

Designing the home interior of a large family room can pose an equally larger challenge compared to decorating a smaller space.

How to Divide a Large Family Room

When dealing with a large space, the best course of action is to divide and conquer. You can do this without putting up walls and running extra costs for renovation. Use the following tricks to make a large family room feel compartmentalized in the most efficient way.

An oversized rug is a classic home interior design trick to visually show a large room’s partition without using dividers. This way, you get to keep the open floor plan that is more laidback and appropriate for a family lounge design.

To make use of this trick effectively, select one area of the room that you wish to clearly separate from the rest of the large family room.

A large family room is the main area in your house where you will gather as a family and entertain guests during parties. Consider setting up two distinct seating areas for your family lounge design. This setup allows the conversation to flow.

Take for example this family entertainment room designed by IEO for a Quezon City home. We set up a long L-shaped couch and two ottomans around a glass tabletop. Notice two seating areas: the first is situated in front of the TV, and beside it is a 7-seater bar dining table for casual conversation.

For a large family room, choices for entertainment are a must if you want people to have a cozy stay-in. It’s important to have a TV for movie nights, as well as other gaming consoles for the kids and kids at heart. If you’re not big on videos, add a built-in shelf for different board games and materials for arts and crafts.

If possible, build a bar in the corner of the family entertainment room and load up on your favorite cocktails for happy hour!

How to Decorate Your Large Family Room

After making necessary alterations to the floor plan of your family entertainment room, you have to consider its interior design following these classic themes.

While you may have a lot of space, there’s no need for you to go crazy with decoration. Remember, this is a functional room where you will entertain guests from time to time, so practice less is more principle.

Keep your home interior design looking tasteful by choosing a monochromatic theme that is accented by earth tones like ash black or woody brown. Elevate the family lounge design by using metallic accents on the furniture or light fixtures. With this combination, you surely wouldn’t need more.

For a large family room, choices for entertainment are a must if you want people to have a cozy stay-in.

Any home interior design feels instantly cozy with the presence of greeneries. Plants have a way of relieving people of their stress, so it’s the ideal home decor for a family entertainment room.

Add big planters in empty corners to fill the odd space or a flower bed in the middle if you want to clearly divide a large family room. Use ornate flower vases or beautiful succulents as your centerpiece.

The room’s main function is to have an area in your home where everyone can get together, relax, and have fun. It’s just right for you to want to design your family lounge for comfort.

To make your seating areas cozier, add several plush pillows and a few soft blankets. Install dimmable light fixtures to make evenings more pleasant. Light up scented candles to set a more calming atmosphere in your large family room.

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These are some of the few ways to design a large family room that maximizes its space. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, let our team of experts handle your home interior design. With over 30 years of industry experience, trust that IEO Interior Design & Construction will do the job and exceed your expectations. Contact us for a quick consultation.

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