House Tour: A Modern Scandinavian Four-Story Townhouse with a Touch of Mid-Century Romance

In an age where home design trends evolve like the changing of seasons, going for decades-enduring themes like the mid-century and Scandinavian is not only risky—it’s brave. While easy on the eyes, these themes, when not done well, can make spaces look outdated, boring, and bland. When done right, however, they can be the best visual theme for a property that aims to nail the sweet spot between whimsical and stylish.

This is exactly the visual direction a designer has taken for this four-level townhouse by Rockwell. Rather than building the home design around the mid-century theme, it was used as a loose guiding inspiration for the home interior instead. The result is a modern aesthetic that is still reminiscent of Scandinavian design without exactly being cliché. Join us on a visual tour of the place below.

Setting the mood of the space is the living area washed by grays and whites—hues signature to the Modern Scandinavian visual theme. To keep the space from looking too two-dimensional with its elements, touches of brown were added through the wooden details on the furniture and walls to break the otherwise monotonous color of the place. Hints of black pulled everything together, while surprise pops of colors (green from the plants and hints of gold from the smaller accents) made the area more lively to the eyes.

The designer chose classic lines and curves for the pieces in the living room but kept the space from looking drab by adding an interesting lamp accent that draws the eyes upwards. Instead of washing the space with white, the lighting used had more of a yellowish touch to make the area look welcoming and warm.

The second-floor hallway follows a continuous but differentiated design. Unlike the living area dominated by whites, the designer went for a cozier look by introducing wooden floor planks and modular storage units in browns and whites. Here the colors go subsequently more varied, though the blues and greens were executed in tones that don’t exactly deviate from the overarching theme of the home design. Accent lights on the open shelves added an air of warmth to the area.

The third-floor hallway features daintier aesthetics with its grays, warm whites, and burnt copper accents. Blush was added into the mix to add a bit of softness into a palette that would have otherwise looked stiff and boring. An interesting art piece featuring some of the boldest colors in the area also made the space look more alive. Here the designer took the liberty to play more with lighting, too. The ceiling fixtures washed the hallway with a warm glow that complimented the neutral palette used on it.

The boy’s bedroom reflects the visual theme of the second-floor hallway with its moodier color palette composed of browns, grays, and blues. The contrast between the floor’s darker wood and the walls’ light grays accents the area’s space, all while bathing it with warm light from strategic ceiling points. The girl’s bedroom, similarly, mirrors the third-floor hallway’s pink, neutral tone, though the designer injected a more vintage vibe to it with the choice of marble cabinet and old-style table and chair. A tufted headboard wall lit from the back added a more regal touch to the area.

Standing in contrast to the rest of the townhouse’s visual theme is the master’s bedroom with its floor-to-ceiling black cabinets accented with gold, sleek wooden floors, and dark gray furniture. This is where the designer’s skills really shine, as seen from the execution of the colors that came out as seductive instead of drab. Deep red accents made the neutrals pop, while the difference of textures used in various parts of the room emphasized its overall luxurious vibe. The result is a room that, while extremely sophisticated, still gives off the feel of a warm embrace.

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