Designing Relaxation: Creating the Perfect Holiday Home

With the hustle and bustle of the city and its fast-paced, neverending list of things to get done, sometimes you just need a break. A weekend away from it all, in a place that can help you rest your weary mind and soul.

The first thing that comes to mind for many is a vacation place far away from home, maybe across the seas in a tropical island or up in the mountains in a secluded cabin, but you don’t really need to go that far when you have a perfectly designed holiday home.

A holiday home can be your nearby sanctuary, vacation spot and second home all at once if it’s masterfully designed. Here are some tips to create your perfect holiday sanctuary.

  1. know your vision
    It’s easy to get swept away by the excitement of creating and decorating a new space. After all, it’s a blank canvas that you could play around with and mold to your vision, but what is your vision?

Who will be using the space? What are their hobbies? Their behaviors? If it’s a large family with kids, maybe you could opt for an open layout for your living room. You can also leave the sleeping arrangements up to choice or circumstance by adding several pullout beds and partitions.

Know what you want to achieve, then plot out the steps to get there to avoid wasted efforts and resources.

  1. find the light
    According to science, sunlight has a profound effect on people’s moods. It triggers the release of the happy hormone, serotonin. Turn your holiday home into your happy place by letting the light in.

Natural light provides a relaxing feel to a space. Choose large windows to make the room look brighter and bigger. This choice also provides a lot of room for air to circulate for better and cooler ventilation and a great open view of the outside.

Imagine waking up from your slumber to a warm ray of sunshine streaming from your window. What a dream!

  1. go minimalist
    A cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind.

This is not to say that personal touches are not allowed but this is more pertaining to the choices of fabric, colors, and furniture. Neutral colors with vivid accents are most likely to hit the taste of the majority. It’s both calm and aesthetically pleasing, two things that people need and look for in a holiday home.

As for furniture, it can be quite the investment so choose wisely. If you prefer to test out some looks, Furlenco offers a wide range of furniture to choose from and to rent.

  1. keep it stocked
    A beautiful house with no food and supplies is an empty house. After all, what will a guest do with beautiful beds and space when it leaves them hungry?

Make sure to provide your guests with important gadgets like toasters, refrigerators, stoves, pans, and cutlery. If you allow them to cook in the property, provide the necessary items needed. You may also stock the refrigerator with some common food items they may have a use for.

  1. Choose your luxuries.
    Your holiday home is not a place to get stingy. Splurge a bit and create an experience that you or your guest will enjoy the best.

If you feel most relaxed and recharged after a great soak, then install a deep bathtub and stock your bathroom with oils and candles. Turn one of the rooms into a game room with a pool table, slot machine, and other games. Let your guests end the night with a fully stocked mini-bar for something to keep the conversations and good vibes flowing.

Keep people coming back by providing what their homes lack. Your imagination—and budget—are the only limits.
Creating a perfect holiday home for yourself and for guests to rent is a matter of balance and empathy. In designing your home, it’s all about your tastes and your needs but in designing a holiday home, you have to consider others.

To summarize, firstly, know what you want to achieve because it will determine what the space will look like. Know the baseline. Is it located by the sea? Consider materials that don’t erode easily. Is it located in the mountains? Insulate the walls.

Secondly, balance your personal touch and aesthetic with what’s objectively pleasing to the senses. Choose neutral colors and make your mark with signature pieces that make the room interesting and memorable.

Thirdly, keep your guests’ needs in mind. Make sure the kitchen is well-stocked, the electrical and plumbing systems are well-maintained and the environment is clean and safe.

And finally, create an experience of luxury and relaxation, splurge wisely—let your home be the reason your guests are recharged and ready for another day again.

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