Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2020

It’s another year around the sun and it is time for more resolutions and preparing a long list of to-do-things. You want to start fresh, be positive and get going in 2020 and we at IEO Designs believe you can live your mind only when you have great surroundings. Yes, you read it right! Whether you own a home, a commercial space or are the head of a corporate, revamping your interior for the new year rejuvenates your soul and helps you live your life, your way.

Here are the top 5 interior design trends 2020 you need to know:

Whites and beige with warm and cool undertones are the trend. Yes, the neutrals are here and we feel they look classy. Some of you might feel that these hues are dull or look very plain but you are wrong! Neutrals are a beauty when used in the right manner. These appealing colors look great on your walls while they can also be used for your other home décors such as sofas, curtains, and bedding. However, it is best recommended to consult a professional design firm such as IEO Designs that can bring alive your imagination.

Geometric Patterns
Geometric patterns look bold and great when used to do up your interior. This design is here for quite a long time now and is still going great. Geometric patterns can fit in regardless of whether you want a classic traditional look or a contemporary one for your space. These patterns look amazing when used on floors and stand out when used for wall tiles, bed linen, and curtains. If you love being minimalistic, choose neutral hues as contrast to the boldness of these patterns; we assure, your interior will certainly look out of the ordinary

Biophilia is all about designing your space with naturally occurring, earthy materials such as wood, metals, and stone. This is a new trend and literally creates the magic; the design caters to varied tastes and preferences since the theme represents a combination of luxury, nature, and style. Beautifying your interior with Biophilia design makes your space look organic and environment-friendly. Become one with nature by using recycled wood and fresh, green plants for revamping your space while staying with the trend. In fact, this design has revolutionized the interior design industry and people have begun to go ‘green’ and show their love for nature.

Mixed Metals and Marble
The mixed metals trend is here! In 2020, gold, silver, copper, and tin will enter residential and commercial spaces to redefine interior decoration. Use gold with silver or steel with brass; these colors get along splendidly. Warm metals such as gold and brass can be paired with warm hues to create a striking appeal. However, we suggest you to not use more than 2-3 colors in a single room; doing so might harm the very beauty. You can also use marble to create a super-rich look for your space. Marbles are available in a range of colors and designs to choose from. Choose a neutral-colored marble if you are using bright metals or bright and bold marbles if you are using cool metals.

Earth Tones
This is yet another design trend for the new year. If you are a calm and peaceful person and looking to redo your home interior to create a naturalistic look, earth tones design is for you. This interior design makes use of colors such as forest greens, blue, brown, tan and grey to perfectly impersonate the naturally occurring elements like metals, wood, clay and more. Earth tones can absolutely provide a warm and cozy ambiance to any space, making it the most ideal option for beginning the new year.

To conclude, we suggest you give your home/office an innovative charm for the new year by recreating your space with a new design. Get out of those dull and boring hues and create an attractive space for you to take pride in. Go with the design that is as unique and pleasing as you are!

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