House Tour: Two-story Townhouse Showcasing Modern and Timeless Design in Ayala Alabang

To create a stunning masterpiece, it requires the handiwork of expert artisans. Although luxury home design trends are always changing, crafters always find a way to make their designs withstand the test of time.

The two-story townhouse in Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, is a showcase of what is possible when designers have the time to express their creativity. Decades can pass by, and this home will still look as stylish as it did from day one.

Orchestrated by the hands of IEO designers, this home makes sure that every inch feels modern. Going through the property feels like walking through an art piece, an experience you will feel with the house tour:


In the pergola, our team has decided to go ahead with warmer tones. The primary reason is to create a cozy and comfortable space for the residents so that they enjoy spending time in this room. The furniture in the pergola is several shades darker than the rest of the area, to create a pleasing contrast and elegance.

Thanks to the natural lighting, this space adds to the level of comfort, while being aesthetically pleasing. The modern surfaces, along with the furniture make the entire space appealing. It offers the perfect blend of style, function, and form in a single package.


The objective of the hallway is to provide a glimpse of what to expect from the rest of this luxurious home. It showcases the owner’s personality as one who has a taste for sophistication and elegance. The hallway maintains the perfect balance with the right décor selection.

As a transition area, it opens up to the other rooms gracefully. Our designers used only luxurious finishes, to ensure this space is a reflection of the household’s magnificence. Combined with the ambient lights, the hallway has a sublime and a spacious atmosphere. The lighting accentuates the details of the room, adding to the splendor and elegance of the household.

Living/Dining Area

As every family spends a significant portion of their time in the living area, the designers placed utmost importance on its interior design. The goal was to provide this room with a grandeur appearance while giving enough space for this portion of the household to create a dialogue.

Designers selected the décor for this room, after countless hours, to ensure it matches with the theme of the property. As the current trend is metallic, the artisans decided to use this style throughout the household. The furniture complements the colors of the walls, while the glass top of the tables adds depth to the aesthetics of this room. They also assert themselves in this space. Every object is in harmony with the colors and materials in the living room.

Master’s Bedroom

Choosing the right tone for the master bedroom is crucial as it sets the tone. As the aim is to create a cozy environment, the flooring switches to wood. The white sofa set is key to creating a timeless design while creating a sense of tranquility.

Thanks to the subtle metallic accents throughout the room, there is a sense of elegance and modernity in the style. The master bedroom comes with a walk-in closet, adding another dimension to this space. It is a sacred personal space, full of character, and a symbol of wealth.

Entertainment Area

As the theme is to create a timeless and modern style in this abode, technology is only visible in the entertainment area. The colors of this room focus on elevating the moods of the residents. At the same time, the tone of the lighting reflecting off the walls create a cozy atmosphere.

The designer used the TV as the focal point in this room, to arrange the furniture. It provides the perfect place for eyes to rest, with the botanicals adding character and elegance to the timeless style. The fabrics mature with time, ensuring every element ages well.

Kid’s Room

The townhouse comes with three kids’ rooms, with each area offering ample amounts of space to the residents. As the base tone of the room is neutral, it ensures that this quarter can grow and evolve with the child. The variation of the hues from the wooden floor is subtle, to add opulence to this space.

Thanks to the metallic accents of the bedside table, give the room a trendy and classic look, with a hint of industrial sophistication. The symmetry of the lines gives this space a calm feeling. It also keeps the style of the room together.

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