Get Started on Building Luxury Houses With IEO’s Quick Guide

Building a new house entails a long, tiring process, but do it right and you’ll surely reap the best rewards. Building luxury houses, on the other hand, takes considerably more time as well as resources. Not to mention, you owe it to yourself to make sure your investment gets rendered well through exquisite design and top-quality construction.

If you can afford to splurge on your crib and its maintenance, the upside to having a luxury home is that it is guaranteed to lead to greater returns and more comfortable quality of life. In this article, we share the best tips on building luxury houses in the Philippines.

Top 3 Tips for Building Luxury Houses

Real estate in the Philippines is seeing a significant appreciation in value, and now is the best time for building luxury houses. Whether you want to create a two-story townhouse in the heart of Metro Manila or a sprawling mansion in the province, proper planning is key.

Following these steps will help build your dream home within your reach.

    Building your own home provides you the freedom to make your dream home a reality. Especially when dealing with luxury home construction, you should stay as organized as you can. While you may have more than enough space at your disposal, you should make it a priority to render the house functional yet still authentic to your vision.

Why use all that floor area to build an indoor swimming pool if you’re not fond of getting in the water? Turn that space into a large backyard or even an edible garden—choose amenities and property features that you will surely use and frequent all year round. A fully furnished yet generally unused room or area doesn’t sound like a smart investment to us.

When building luxury houses, you must make sure that the home accommodates you and your family’s lifestyle. Prioritizing what you need in a home helps you maximize every space and, of course, your budget. With professional help, you can determine what house features are feasible within your working budget.

For inspiration, check out this two-story residential home we’ve previously worked on at Bonifacio Village in Quezon City. These gorgeous, classic modern interiors effectively show just how you can make each room of your large home functional, yet still livable and visually striking.


Where you build your home is as important as the property itself. If you pick an excellent property location, you can expect your investment to increase in value over time. A high-end neighborhood can drive the value of your new home.

In order to select the ideal site for your house, you should bear in mind your lifestyle and needs. If you have kids, are there credible schools nearby where your children can enroll? Are you fed up with the stresses of city living and want to explore easy life in the provinces? Or are you moving semi-permanently in the metro to stay physically closer to your work and social life? Where you live will affect your quality of life tremendously, so you should choose wisely.

Take for example this contemporary home at the Cliffside, Anvaya Cove in Bataan. This elegant provincial home is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the metro, which is exactly what our beloved clients asked for.

    When building luxury houses, you must prioritize your family’s safety. Consider equipping your new home with security details to keep your loved ones and prized possessions safe.

Investing in a security system can help you monitor not just the outdoors, but also the indoors of your home. While designing the design layout with a trusted architect, you can make sure there are no blind spots for security cameras and that every area is designed with top-notch security in mind.

The Next Step to Building Luxury Houses is Design—Make Sure to Trust Only the Best

Those are just three of the top things to keep in mind when building a home for yourself and your family. The functionality, strategic location, and reliable security systems are key to having an excellent quality of life. But that doesn’t end there.

Design is a crucial element of building luxury houses. Once you wrap up construction, make sure to hire the best interior design experts. Whether you’re leaning towards some classic modern home interior design or a fun, contemporary vibe, IEO Interior Design & Construction can help you bring your dream house to reality. Contact our team today for a free home interior design consultation.

Done With Your Build? Let’s Get Designing Next

If you want to transform your place into a potential dream home, we at IEO Inc. can make it happen. Expect us to use nothing but the best interior design techniques to spruce up your house.

Schedule a free interior design consultation to know more.