Bring Good Fortune to Your Home Interior This 2021 with Feng Shui

Your home is supposed to be your solace and refuge, and that is why you should decorate it in a way that can help relax you. If you’re looking to attract positive energy to your home this year, consider decorating your home with Feng Shui design tips in mind.

According to Architectural Digest, the goal of Feng Shui is to invite positive energy into your home so that your life feels both energized and balanced. After a challenging 2020, you deserve a happy and peaceful environment to rest in. This 2021, do yourself a favor and give your home a boost through Feng Shui. Here are some home interior design ideas to help you get started:

  1. Mind your entryway
    As per Feng Shui, your entryway represents how energy enters your home and life. That is why you should ensure your entrance door is in perfect condition as the exterior door represents wealth. It is also recommended to have a beautiful plant to attract good energy, and add some light to your door.
  1. Keep your living room fresh and alive
    Your living room symbolizes opportunities so you should keep it organized to attract new opportunities and good energy. Add a lovely mirror and fresh flowers to increase the life energy of this space.
  1. Make the bedroom neutral
    According to Feng Shui experts, bedrooms should be in light, neutral colors for restful deep sleep. Your bed should not be in line with the bedroom door but placed in a way that you can still see the door. Nightstands should be placed on both sides of the bed to provide some balance and support.
  1. Consider the layout of your kitchen
    Feng Shui experts believe that the kitchen represents good nutrition and harmonious relationships. You should avoid too much black and red in the kitchen as this may cause fire and water conflict, which in turn, lead to arguments between couples. The sink and stove should not be opposite each other as well.
  1. Ensure your bathroom is pristine
    The bathroom should be kept tidy and clean at all times. The door must always be closed, while the toilet seat should also be covered. To avoid unpleasant odors, keep an air diffuser and use your favorite essential oils. You can also consider adding candles and even plants to the room.

Aside from strategic placements of elements in every room or passageway, Feng Shui professionals believe that colors can impact the energy in your home so consider the color palette of your living space. In addition to this, you should decorate your home in a way that attracts happiness.

Feng Shui is always about light, freshness, and balance, and your home should be a safe space that can help you recharge. Thus, it should be designed in a way that attracts positive energy and prosperity.

If you’re looking to decorate your home with Feng Shui, let us help you transform ideas into reality. Our team in IEO is fully committed to the creation of building home interiors that enhance the context and achieve a dynamic and functional environment. Contact us so we can help your space attract positive energy with our interior design expertise this 2021 and beyond.

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