5 Classic Home Interior Design Themes That Have Stood The Test Of Time

When it comes to home interior design, those with the keenest of eyes and tastes know that there is a fine line separating timelessness and relevance. Home renovation, after all, works the same way as the hottest runways in the world of fashion do. While some artists choose to be different by starting new trends, one cannot deny the power of a good classic theme that cycles back into the mainstream every now and then.

Classic interior design has always been the go-to of many homeowners for good reason, regardless of how spacious their property, condo unit, or apartment may be. They are timeless and tasteful, which only means that they age gracefully and don’t need to be scrapped and changed as soon as the newest interior design trend rolls in.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most time-tested classic design themes that will never fail you.

  1. Wood and Natural Materials
    This is a perfect example of an interior design trend that resurfaces time and time again. In fact, some might say that it is one of the most consistent themes in the world of home renovation and design.

Dubbed as a simpler and more down-to-earth version of the infamous Bali-inspired interiors, the use of wood and natural materials has always been the top choice of those who want to hit the sweet spot between minimalism and Biophilic interior themes. Keep your space from looking barren and boring by adding a pot of plant here and there and maximizing the proper use of textures for contrast.

Thinking of incorporating this theme into your property? This would be best used for your kitchen interior design.

  1. Industrial Tones
    Some might frown about the addition of this on this list, but one cannot deny the timeless pull of a well-executed industrial design. It’s the perfect choice for those who love rustic themes but want to tease the use of more modern undertones in their place.

It’s also a safe choice if you’re someone who wants to dip your toes in trying metals because you can swap out the intimidating, cold silvers with more toned-down hues like burnished copper and steel. This theme would be perfect for a living room-dining area combo or a large entertainment room for the whole family.

Stuck with limited spacing in a studio-type condo unit? No problem! This theme would work just as well as long as you stick with a good design strategy.

  1. Classic Flair
    Think interior wall panelings, voluminous couches, and luxurious carpets that would fit right into your (or any of your family members’) bedroom space. Classical themes that have been used in period homes before remain to have a strong following today because of just how timeless they are. Worried that your home interior design will look stuffy and dated? Incorporate modern and more contemporary fixtures and apply minimal styling to balance everything together. Sticking to one palette can also keep everything under control.
  1. Oak and Timbers
    Is the Nordic, Scandi home design too mainstream for your taste now? Take it down a notch by choosing their simpler, younger sister which makes use of more toned-down wood types. Few materials can challenge the flexibility and timelessness of a good oak and timber design—you can easily match them with any design and are also great as a foundation for a new theme. See this design shine by incorporating it into your home office setup (because, yes, you do need a dedicated workspace at home nowadays).
  2. Graceful Edges
    Soft edges, which are a core component of hygge interiors, are always a good choice if you’re gunning for a look that exudes warmth, comfort, and familiarity. Curves, round edges, and overall soft lines are very easy to the eyes as compared to the application of strong lines that can be reminiscent of discomfort and rigidity. To keep your home from looking too “rounded,” go for natural shapes and practice alternating application of cruves for the perfect mix.

While there is nothing wrong about home interior design themes that are trendy and new, it is also not a bad idea to choose classic elements that can age gracefully with time. Classic interior design themes also suit any lifestyle, making them all the more versatile.

They may be more challenging to execute since they can easily look old-fashioned, but with the right contractors, they can surely be made right and relevant to the current times.

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