IEO Interior Design’s Top 3 Home Interior Design Themes

If you’ve worked with us before, or have followed our journey as a design firm, you’d know that we’re firm believers of luxurious design with a purpose. After all, luxury is about perception, craft and the beauty of deeply rooted human desires.

We have found purpose in providing a sense of luxury to each and every one of our clients since we first opened our firm’s doors in 1986, and we haven’t stopped since then. We’ve offered a comprehensive range of construction and home interior design related services for both residential and commercial spaces and along the way, have formed strong, long-term partnerships with our clients, making sure that all of their construction and design goals are within reach, and all their requirements, including their budget, is met.

But of course, the word “luxury” can mean different things to different people, and these meanings can shift and change depending on each client’s goals. We’ve had a long list of clientele throughout the years, and it’s safe to say that among all the projects we’ve worked on, there are three home interior design themes that truly stand out.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of our top 3 home interior design themes, and links to some actual projects we’ve done that exemplify those themes.

  1. Classical Theme – The Ayala Alabang Project
    Our client for this project belongs to a family of 6 – a couple with 2 sons and 2 daughters. Their dream home is a classic one – something that never goes out of style, and will still look good as ever 20, or even 30 years from now. A home that even their children and the future generations of their family can enjoy.

They are a family who loves to host parties for their loved ones every now and then, so we made sure to incorporate that to their home interior. Another interesting part of this house that we loved working on most was the 20sqm pergola, which our client specifically requested to be turned into a man cave which displayed his majestic collection of fine liquor. A place where he can unwind and have a drink with his friends in the comfort of his own home.
We at IEO Interior Design Firm have always been a fan of classic themes, with elegant and luxurious elements that stand the test of time. So how did we pull this off?

We made sure that the classic look is consistent throughout all the home, from the common areas, to all four bedrooms. We picked the color white for most parts of the home, as it is a blank canvas – clean, crisp and classic and gives the illusion of space, which is an important element for a family of 6 who liked to have people over.

Marble, brass and wood accents were added to the walls, as furniture and to the lighting fixtures to highlight a sense of timeless grandeur. All the materials and furniture used for this project were sourced from all over the country.

  1. Modern Minimalist – The One Hemady Project

We love the concept of “less is more”, and this is precisely what one of our long-term clients wanted when she awarded us this project. She has been working with us for over a decade across multiple projects, and out of all those projects, we truly consider this home to be a grand showcase of IEO’s interior design expertise.

The project was a 3-story house with a 553sqm total floor area— the theme being ‘modern minimalist’. To us, modern minimalist meant ultra-clean, crisp lines, a neutral colour palette, and streamlined furniture. Minimalism means that whatever you choose to place into your home will serve a function or purpose, deeming everything beyond that to be unnecessary.

Since our client travels a lot, she’s been exposed to different kinds of interiors, which is the reason for her keen eye for style and high-quality fixtures. She is very specific when it comes to what she wants, and sets the bars quite high for us as her interior design team.

We sourced most of her furniture and fixtures from Germany, Italy, the US and

other parts of Europe. An interior design move that will give her and her family a sense of nostalgia whenever they were inside the house.

To stay true to the minimalist theme, we made sure that every single element in this home served a purpose. Some of the notable pieces include:

  • The chandelier and the rotating tray, otherwise called the “Lazy Susan” in the dining area, both sourced from Abitare Internazionale
  • High end luxury sound systems from Bang & Olufsen
  • Lots of mirrors for the illusion of a bigger space
  1. Modern Contemporary – The Ayala Heights Project

Modern and contemporary are two different interior design styles which are more often than not, used interchangeably. They are different in a sense that modern is a lot more strict with what it entails, while contemporary interior design is more fluid. Mixing the two design elements together was quite challenging as they are on opposite ends of the design spectrum. But of course, the best interior designer can make it possible, and we love a challenge here at IEO.

This client of ours is the man of the house. He lives with his wife, kids, and grandmother. His kids are quite young, toddler twins and an 8 year old boy, so we needed to make sure that the entire house is comfortable and secure enough for kids their age.

They also liked having visitors and family over from time to time, so our design team did their best to incorporate that to their space through the foyer. We designed it in a way that feels light and breezy, giving anyone who enters their home a warm welcome.

To them, grandma is the queen of the house, so we made sure that her room is fit for one. It is the most elegant room in the house, even more than the master’s bedroom, which has more of a zen feel.

The mix of modern and contemporary elements can especially be seen in the themed room we designed for our client’s 8 year old son. Clean crisp lines and lots of storage space mixed with a fiber optic ceiling that mimics the night sky, an animated accent wall, and blue warm lighting.

The rest of the house was carefully crafted by our own construction team, from the built-in cabinets and wooden accents. This house is living proof that we can bend certain design rules in the right way.

If you are looking to build your dream home like our clients did, we’d love to work with you. Contact us today to get started.

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