Hallways Interior Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Corridors

Your home’s hallway is probably not on top of your list when it comes to interior design and home renovation. Corridors are limited in space and are not exactly “rooms” where you can hang out, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected when it comes to home decor ideas. In fact, a properly executed hallway interior design plays a big role in the overall aesthetic of a home because it is a spot that you often pass and use.

Thinking of spicing up your hallway interior design? Here are some home decor ideas that can give you that much-needed upgrade.

  1. Use it as your personal gallery.
    One of the most commonly used interior design themes for hallways is to utilize it as a gallery wall. Make your corridor more interesting by hanging family portraits or use it as a dedicated place for some artwork or other art pieces. If you’re going to be using frames, it’s best to use a variety of sizes to keep the layout from looking too boring. Placement-wise, position your photos or paintings along the length of the wall to make your corridor look taller. If you’ve decided to use it as an art wall, install proper lighting to highlight your pieces.
  2. Leave it to the mirrors.
    Do you have narrow hallways? You can make your corridor instantly look larger by putting an oversized mirror that can give the illusion of length and space. Using mirrors on cramped spaces is one of the most classic interior design trends loved by the pros when doing home renovations because they can be aesthetic, at the same time, be very practical, too. Who doesn’t want one last look at their full outfit before walking out the door, right?
  1. Get crafty with wallpaper.
    Want an easy way to give your hallway a fresh look without spending too much? Wallpapers are a foolproof choice, most definitely! They come in a variety of patterns and designs so you’re not held back when it comes to creativity, and you can also easily refresh them if you want—especially if you are using stick-on wallpapers. Striped ones give the illusion of a higher ceiling if you want to lengthen the look of your corridors but you can also opt for bright and bold patterns if you want a “jewel box” effect to your hallway. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit bold with your choice of wall bling since corridors are the perfect areas of your home to break your interior design a bit for a more diverse look.
  2. Consider your floors, too.
    t’s easy to forget about your flooring when thinking about home decor ideas for your hallway. However, this is a very important space that opens up a door of opportunities if you’re considering a home renovation. Using an elegant floor runner rug can instantly add a dash of interest to your corridor and also make it seem longer visually. Depending on how you do your walls, you can opt for an elegant look if you’re planning on adding bling to your hallways. If you prefer your walls to be barer, however, then don’t be afraid to be bolder with your choice of patterns.
  1. Organize and accessorize.
    Your hallways should not only be beautifully designed, they should be functional, too. Install a picture ledge or a console table on it which you can accessorize with key holders or coat hangers. You can easily keep everything aesthetic-looking by spazzing it up with an art piece, a vase of flowers, or even a mirror if you want.
  2. Spice it up with some furniture.
    Do you have a slightly wider hallway than normal? Squeeze in some functional furniture there if you can. Corridors are landing places, so adding a chair or two where you can easily put in shopping bags or sit on while putting on your shoes is a good idea. One pro-tip: choose pieces that have a more open look to them—thin, slim legs for chairs or tables—to keep your hallways from looking too stuffy.
  1. Light it up.
    Make your choice of hallway interior design more effective by installing the right lighting in the area. The goal is to open and brighten up the space so refrain from using single pendants or harsh spotlights if you can because of the shadows they cast. If you really must use pendant lights, install them in groups at least so that they can cast a brighter glow and draw the eyes downward to make the space look larger.
  2. Mind your colors.

You can always have room to be creative with your home renovation paint ideas, but for hallways, following a neutral color scheme is the rule of thumb because it opens up the area. If you’re worried that the palette will make your corridor look boring, you can always introduce darker colors through accessories and furniture. Doing the latter is also a good choice because it adds depth to the space.

Though often forgotten, your choice of hallway interior design actually plays a very vital role in the overall look of your home. Interior design trends and tips aside, always remember to find the proper balance between functionality and aesthetics when deciding on the home decor ideas that you want to apply.

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