7 Design Tips For The Perfect Hygge Home

Contrary to what many think, interior design is not purely about the aesthetic appeal of a space. While our homes need to be truly reflective of our personalities, they should also be a sanctuary where we can have ultimate peace and comfort. Now, when it comes to classic home themes that can deliver this, there is one that remains to be extremely popular now: the Hygge interior design.

First thing’s first though—what is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced as hue-gah) is a Danish term that refers to the pursuit of enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. While the concept is more of a lifestyle concept rather than an aesthetic one, the approach has transformed over the years to also refer to the minimalist and comfort-centered Scandinavian decor that we all know today. In this article, we talk about the basics of Hygge interior design and how you can apply them to your home.

  1. Put comfort front and center.

One of the most fundamental concepts of Hygge interior design is creating a space that is peaceful, serene, and calming. This means that your home should be free from any type of unnecessary clutter, but not to the point that it will look too stiff and bland. A good balance of minimalism and curation of furniture is important in this design theme to achieve a space that delivers both sides in perfect harmony.

  1. Stick to a color palette.

Neutrals, woods, and whites are your best friend if you’re thinking of going the Hygge way. To curate a unified space, you have to stick to a certain color theme that can create a relaxing environment within your home. This doesn’t mean you can’t do a little mix and matching here and there though. For example, you can integrate creams, browns, and even light grays with your whites just to add more dimension into your space. The key is to make sure that all the hues complement each other.

  1. Create textures.
  1. Light matters.
  1. Create a personal snug corner or ‘hyggekrog.’

Every Hygge-themed home should have a little cosy nook where anyone can just sit back and relax. This can be a window seat with a view or even a small book corner that’s separate from your home’s busier rooms. This space doesn’t need to be big in square feet—in fact, you can even simply design it with a bean bag, a floor cushion, and small throw pillows. The idea is to have a private corner where you can simply relax and unwind.

  1. Use storage solutions.

Let’s admit it, having a truly clutter-free home is easier said than done. Going the hygge-way is not necessarily about foregoing home fixtures and elements for the sake of trying to keep everything clean, rather, it’s all about being smart on how you arrange them. For this, clever storage solutions are your answer. Have some magazines that you are not ready to get rid of yet? A living room couch that can also double as storage is the perfect place to store them. The good news is that there is no shortage of clever storage options now, too, so you can easily get pieces that can add to the appeal of your home.

  1. Add personality and memories to your space.
    The hygge interior design is deeply rooted in connections with yourself and others around you. Thus, you must let your personality shine by adding trinkets here and there in your home. Get your favorite photos on display or arrange your sitting room seats in such a way that it is easy for people to talk and bond together. The key is to design your home in such a way that its arrangement becomes suitable for interactions between you and others.

Do you think the hygge interior design is perfect for you? If you’re looking for a home design concept that prioritizes comfort and simplicity, then going in this direction is a perfect choice. Need help with your home renovation using this theme? We at IEO Designs can help deliver the perfect hygge home of your dreams with our services. You can easily contact us here to know more about how we can help.

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