Interior Design Before & After: Three-Story Townhouse Turned Into A Modern Contemporary Home

One look at the three-story townhouse located in the vast and calm region of Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club is enough to inspire a vision for its interior design. As a type of space that doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles to stand out, it was obvious from the get-go that complicated home design is not what the home needs.

It isn’t that hard to settle on the overarching theme for the townhouse: contemporary, simple, and functional. It was these three adjectives that were kept in mind while executing the townhouse interior design, with tweaks made here and there on each part of the house to make sure each space stands out on its own. See the end results below:

Living Room

As the area that first greets the eyes of anyone walking through the door, the interior design of the living room sets the tone of the overall townhouse interior design. Think of it is the room that shows the core theme of the home design—every other style execution on the rest of the townhouse should conform to it despite the small design tweaks here and there.

The contemporary theme is most strongly seen here. White and tan dominates the color palette and is applied in blocks throughout the room as seen in the large pieces of furnishings peppered throughout the space. The long couch, love seat, and even window blinds come in the hues to give off a solidified vision of what the theme is.

On the other hand, a punch of colors here and there kept the space from looking boring and monotone. Splashes of gold and hints of bronze added more interest and life to the place. Some texture play was also applied in the area by using glass, greens, wood, and soft accents to make the room more three dimensional.

Light also played a huge role in this townhouse interior design. With the rest of the room dominated by white, using white flat lighting would already be overkill. Soft warm yellow lights were used instead, with the recessed lighting in the ceiling making the space look welcoming despite its palette.

Dining and Kitchen

The dining and kitchen area connected to the living room follows a darker theme. While the palette found in the receiving space was light and airy, the dining and kitchen were designed with a more solid look to tighten the overall vision of the space. Darker colors were used and applied in bigger areas—umber on the curtains and mantles, midnight blue on the chairs, and natural-looking wood on the panels—, providing a good contrast against the white walls. The kitchenware accents were also kept industrial to give off a no non-sense theme that punctuates these house sections’ functions.

Contrary to the living room which is dominated by a breezier color palette, more white lights were used in the space since it has more solid and darker colors to bounce its glow on. Designs were also kept at a bare minimum (a sole plant to add just the right amount of life in the space) to keep everything balanced but interesting.

Master’s Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the trickiest spaces to manage when it comes to executing house design ideas. It has to conform to the overarching theme, but it has to be done in such a way that the homeowner feels an extra punch of coziness and comfort in the room. For this townhouse, that was done through a play of colors and textures as well. The majority of the walls still came in white, but a touch of black on a wall above the headboard and the lamps on the bedside added a bit of warmth in the room and balanced everything out. Splashes of blue were also introduced in the area to inspire the feeling of comfort while hints of gold and yellow added an inviting touch to the space.

Texture-wise, the Master’s Bedroom was designed with fuller fabrics that invoke the feeling of coziness. The curtains are made thicker. Even the rug comes in a luscious texture that inspires comfort visually.

Baby’s Room

The color palette of the baby’s room is almost the exact opposite of the master’s suite. However, the concept and goal of the design is the same: to create the vision and feeling of comfort, though with a lighter and more youthful touch. The approach is basically the same with just a few important tweaks. For example, instead of painting a whole block of wall black, a textured pattern was used instead to break the monochrome theme. Lighter hues were also used on the contrast pieces—dusty rose on a velvet pillow and dark gray on a fur one. The lighting was also a tad brighter than the master’s room to fit the character and purpose of the space.


The attic is a space that is not given much thought during a home design project simply because a lot of homeowners don’t quite know what exactly they want to do with it. Some use it for storage while some convert it into an extra room. For the case of this townhouse, however, it was designed as a secret hiding place, a comfortable nook where the residents can just relax and escape to if they want to read a book or have a quick nap. Since the purpose of the space was flexible, the way it was furnished was done in a way that it could serve a variety of uses, too. Only the bare minimum was added—a couch, a stool, and a single cabinet with just the right number of accents to add life to the room. Color play was also maximized to make up for the limited space. Instead of focusing on adding accents that will otherwise make the room look cluttered, pops of blue color were used to balance out the colors in the area instead.

A successful interior design depends on a number of factors. Every project should be executed not only with aesthetics in mind but the functionality of each space as well. Of course, the character of its residents should also be taken into account. For this project, every space in the townhouse was treated as a separate unit with the overall theme serving as a guide for each design execution. The end result is a space that is the perfect picture of comfort, functionality, and elegance.

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