Best Property Investment Locations in the Philippines for Your New Home

When it comes to looking for a new home, the setting is everything. Your property investment location determines your access to key places such as schools and hospitals. Above all else, when you select the right location, you can enjoy remarkable returns on investment.

Many areas also across the country pose great opportunities for a well-balanced life and, of course, value for money. Here are some of the best property investment locations in the Philippines you should consider for your next home.

Here are some of the best property investment locations in the Philippines you should consider for your next home.

Prime Locations for Your Condo Unit Investment

There’s nothing quite like living in the city. Especially when you live in a nice metro area, you’d have access to the best restaurants, schools, and malls.

When finding the best property investment location in the Philippines, there's nothing quite like living in the city.

One of the best cities for you to invest a property in is Makati City. With easily accessible transportation options, excellent schools, and burgeoning commercial establishments, everything you and your family would need is a few minutes away when you live in Makati.

Given your budget, Makati City has various options for low-rise and high-rise condominium units to find the right place. Because most of the biggest companies are based in Makati City, you can spare yourself from long commuting hours.

If you’re willing to leave your comfort zone for great opportunities, consider investing in a condo unit in Cebu City. Some of the country’s leading property developers have beautiful condo projects in Cebu, providing you with plenty of options to choose from. Home to fast-rising industries in the country, even cities within Metro Manila pale in comparison to the metropolitan area of Cebu.

You can also take regular adventures when you live in Cebu City. From canyoneering to pristine beaches, you can choose your own adventure when you live in the Queen City of the South.

Want something a bit more committal? Go for residential property investments in strategic locations across the country.

Invest in Residential Properties at These Locations

If your heart is set on purchasing a house and lot, consider investing in a property outside the hustle and bustle of the metro. Get the best value for your money by opting for great locations where you can lead a healthy work-life balance.

Pampanga is an ideal choice for those who are looking to invest in a property at an excellent location.

Some call Pampanga an up-and-coming venue of economic development, but we think it’s always been high-ranking in the list of best provinces to settle in. With its own international airport, world-class sports facilities, and business hubs with leading companies, there’s no doubt that Pampanga has a lot to offer.

This province is also known as the country’s culinary capital, providing you with fantastic gastronomical options. When you own a home in Pampanga, you get access to mother nature and plenty of job opportunities.

If you want to go for peaceful living, invest in a property at the gorgeous province of Laguna.

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet without having to live too far from Metro Manila, Laguna is the ideal location for you. It is home to gorgeous parks for outdoor recreation, excellent schools, and other commercial establishments. Moreover, Laguna is a few minutes away from the city, providing easy access to your workplace.

What’s great about living in Laguna is its easy access to the rest of Southern Luzon and the south of Metro Manila. You can head to Tagaytay, visit the beautiful beaches of Batangas, or even travel to the business district of Alabang without much fuss when you live in quaint Laguna. If you don’t want to go far, visit the province’s very own hot spring resorts, go on nature trips and even journey across various cultural sites across Laguna.

Wherever you end up investing a property in, make sure your house becomes a home with the right interior design team.

Pick the Right Location for Your Next Property Investment
Finding the best home isn’t just about the right location. What makes a house truly a home truly lies in how you make it your own through design. Your home can be your oasis of serenity wherever location you invest your property in, as long as you choose to decorate it accordingly.

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Done With Your Build? Let’s Get Designing Next

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