Top House Hunting Tips from IEO to Avoid Real Estate Mishaps

There’s so much that can go wrong when you’re looking for your dream home, especially when you’re buying for the first time. Emotions and a boatload of pressure will play a part in your decision-making for the worst if you don’t prepare.

Not to worry. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most important house hunting tips to help you out.

Through these house hunting tips, learn the do’s and don'ts when searching for a new home in the Philippines.

House Hunting Tips You Should Not Miss

Learn the do’s and don’ts when searching for a new home in the Philippines. There’s just three, easy points to keep in mind!

House hunting tip #1: Consult a real estate agent.
    Consider your real estate agent as an outsider that will look at the project objectively. Unlike you, your real estate agent won’t get swayed by their emotions when looking for your new home. They can assist you with most of the activities involved in buying a house like:
  • Knowing and negotiating the best price
  • Inspecting the house for repairs
  • Monitoring the paperwork
  • Closing the deal

Look for trusted real estate agents that can help you find your dream home. Make sure that you will align your goals, ideas, and budget with them so that they can successfully find the perfect house for your lifestyle.

    You should not put your focus solely on the desired look of your dream. Instead, also do an extensive background check on the supposed location of your house. When house hunting in the Philippines, research whether the neighborhood is:
  • Safe with minimal to zero criminal activities
  • Near necessary social infrastructures like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and fire and police stations
  • Not prone to natural calamities like earthquakes and flooding

Inspection is an important step that you should not skip. During the inspection, you can examine not only your potential new neighborhood but also scrutinize every aspect of the house you will buy. Double-check that the house is built with a solid foundation and is free from safety hazards like faulty wiring or plumbing systems, leaking roof, mold, or carbon monoxide exposure.

Again, having a trusted real estate agent will help you ensure that all these concerns will be addressed before you purchase your dream house.

    Like with any project or venture, you need to clearly state your goals when purchasing your house. You have to make a defined list of your priorities and write them down. Since buying a house is a big decision and investment, you need to think about your future as well.

Try to answer some of the following questions to help you identify your list of priorities in buying your dream house:

  • What is your budget for the house and for your home interior design?
  • Is the layout of the house suitable for your interior design ideas?
  • Do you need a house, or will a condo unit suffice?
  • Do you need a defined space for every room of your house, or is it okay to have a shared living/dining room?
  • Are you planning to have kids in the future?
  • Will you need a designated home office?
  • How many parking slots do you need?

Your answers will make or break your decision in buying your new home, but they will also make the decision faster as you have narrowed down the specifications of the property you’re looking for.

Of course, you can’t expect to tick off all your boxes at once, especially if you’re looking at houses that are already built. Some compromises will be made along the way, but what’s important is that you’re happy with the house that you’re buying to make sure that you and your (future) family remain satisfied for years to come.

Use these tried-and-tested house hunting tips to avoid possible mishaps along the way.

Enjoy Your Search for a New Home
Buying a house is a big and expensive commitment, so make the smartest decision you can before finalizing the deal. Use these tried-and-tested house hunting tips to avoid possible mishaps along the way.

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