IEO Tips on Fixing the Top Mistakes in Bedroom Interior Design

In the past year, we’ve seen how spaces transformed as we stayed mostly indoors. Bedrooms, for instance, are no stranger to being consistently redesigned because of the many functions it had to hold during our time in quarantine. It’s a personal space first and foremost, but it’s also become a home office or a study area for kids who started homeschooling.

There’s no doubt that well-thought-out bedroom interior design can produce benefits and maximize your efficiency as this space transforms for different functions.

If you’re starting to plan for your dream space, we want you to do it the right way. So in this article, we share golden pieces of advice from our IEO experts on what bedroom interior design mistakes you should avoid and how to address them.

What Are The Top Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes?

The golden rule to seamlessly integrate new interior design ideas into your space is having a great balance of form and function. Decor should add personality in a room, but it should also perform a function that will aid you in your day-to-day activities.

This applies to all kinds of spaces, especially at home. Successful home interior design has a psychology behind it, and it should favor your senses, help ease your movements, align with your daily logic process, stimulate positive emotions and neutralize negative ones, and should anticipate possible scenarios in your space.

In this article, we share advice on what bedroom interior design mistakes you should avoid and how to address them.

The following are some of the interior design trends that go against these design principles that budding amateur home designers should be wary of.

It’s easy to add more and more design features into your space, especially when you rely so much on trends. But remember that not all trends will serve a purpose in your bedroom. When in doubt, go for classic home interior design themes that have stood the test of time.

Your place of rest should look comfortable, warm, and familiar, so choose a style that will not only showcase your personality but will also make you feel cozy. Generally, rounded edges in your furniture or home decor can help cancel out the rigidity of industrial design. Make sure that you keep the balance between striking and delicate features.

Successful home interior design has a psychology behind it,

For example, in this four-storey townhouse designed by IEO, we elevated the look of the kid’s room by decorating the shelves with warm accent light fixtures. This is our take on the trendy TikTok LED lights that kids love to have in their rooms these days. In our version, we went for a classic look that contributes to the airy vibe of the room.

You will also notice that most of the furniture sports round and soft edges, which not only make the space look more comfortable but also add to the safety of kids in their room.


There’s never too much storage when it comes to your bedroom. Because most of your personal belongings are kept in this part of your home, it’s important to carefully map out your storage areas alongside your furniture.

A bedside table can hold important things within your arm’s reach. An open shelf can house a collection. Sleek wardrobes that can contain your pieces of clothing will help minimize clutter inside your room.

Lighting is also a crucial factor in bedroom interior design, so pay attention how light traverses your room from day to night.

If you’re using your bedroom as a home office, drapes and curtains on your windows will do a great job in regulating the amount of sunlight that enters the room. If you have a spacious area to work with and you have different “zones” in your room, lighting can also help designate these areas based on the function they serve.

Just look at how our interior design team got it right in this master’s bedroom for a townhouse at Beacon Hill Estate Townhouse, Quezon City.

Blinds are added on all windows in the room. Furthermore, the window at the far right of the bed is decorated with drapery to make sure that the sunlight isn’t too bright in the morning. Bedside lamps are also added on both sides of the bed to add symmetry in the space. It also makes sure that, when the main ceiling lights are off, there’s still enough light to cover the sides of the bed.

Get Your Bedroom Interior Design Right

There are many factors to consider when decorating your personal space in your bedroom, but always remember to prioritize your comfort and daily activities. After all, it’s a space that should be designed to help you thrive during the day and rest at night.

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