Maximize your Space with our Fit Out Service
in the Philippines

Fit-out is used for space enhancement where the base construction has been completed by the developer, which is referred to as a shell or white box, and the occupant of the space needed to complete the internal layout & servicing of the building to meet their specific requirements.

IEO Design Studio Inc. can deliver and able to advise, collaborate, convey quality ideas to the table and facilitate management in every aspect of the project. Whereas the internal layout includes a customized design, furniture, light fixtures, plumbing & fixtures, customized flooring, windows, doors, shelving, ceiling, walls, wardrobes, kitchen, other Interior elements and so on.

We can bring our long experience to bear in preparing Client’s properties for the current market. Keeping up and understanding current and timeless design trends, what tenants are looking for in terms of business premises and what will get the best ROI for the space available within the building.

Our goal is to provide clients with an experience that succeeds in providing practical and aesthetically pleasing designs,
without costly mistakes.

IEO Studio Inc. creates a tailor-made space that will work efficiently and effectively, be stylish and practical, and which will help, not hinder, tenants, to bring their unique character to life within their space.

In summary, our interior fit-out includes these:

Understand what is required

  • Take into account your current workforce and the future growth of your business
  • Know current planning laws and be able to advise on what you need to do
  • Have the experience to put your and their ideas into practice
  • Produce a comprehensive plan including project delivery and work schedule to support your fit-out that will result in a smooth workflow
  • Produce designs and visualizations through 2D and 3D renders
  • Have a great team who can see the project from inception to completion.
  • Keep to timelines and budget.

The outcome of your interior fit-out should be a space that meets all of your needs and more and will satisfy your business requirements for now and into the foreseeable future.

Our Fit Out Projects